2 Best Malaysian Bank Accounts for Expats or Foreigners

Malaysian Bank Accounts for Expats or Foreigners

You are moving to Malaysia as an expat or foreigner. You sure are going to love it in beautiful Malaysia. But you also are faced with the fact that you will need to open a bank account. Perhaps some contacts in Malaysia have been suggesting that you open an OCBC Malaysia bank account. In fact, many expats are very happy with their OCBC Malaysia bank accounts. So here we share some tips on various types of bank accounts to help you make sure that you get the best one to suit your particular situation once you arrive in Malaysia.


  1. Consider a personal saving account.

Note that you will need to have an MM2H visa to be able to set up your account if you are an expat who desires to be in Malaysia for an extended period. But if you do not happen to possess a permit of residence, then you will be required to present a reference either via your company or a contact in Malaysia who is familiar with you.

The features are that you get a debit card and can pay bills directly from your account. The good news is that debit cards are accepted in many places by the larger retailers across the nation of Malaysia.

Also, it is highly convenient that many ATMs are readily accessible in many locations. When you open a personal savings account, you will be given access to your personal ATM card which can be used at the ATMs and also in shops. It is important to note that there are extra charges added for inter-bank ATM usage when the machine is not provided by your bank.

Consider a personal saving account


  1. Consider a business investment account with OCBC.

If you are a business person in Malaysia, then you will likely need a business investment account to keep track of your various assets and to successfully and continually grow your investment assets.

The feature is that under this type of account, you have access to a financial advisor to help you manage your investment portfolio. You will receive good advice about investing, which will set your mind at ease.

Living in Malaysia as an expat can be an exciting and thrilling adventure, but you cannot leave the matters of your money just to happenstance. Speak with a certified and qualified financial advisor who specializes in helping expats to smoothly set up the best type of bank accounts that suit your needs in the most advantageous manner.

business investment account with OCBC.

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