3 Useful Office Crafts You Can Make with Corrugated Boards




If your office is anything like the others around the world, you might have an excess of cardboard boxes lying around the place. Maybe they came from product shipments, or perhaps from when your boss decided to splurge on bond paper. Whatever they may have contained in the past, you might be keeping them around just in case you need them in the future. Don’t worry – you’re not the only one. Certain countries around the world discourage people from throwing away cardboard because it is so useful. For instance, Malaysians even go out of their way to find where to buy corrugated board in Malaysia for their offices.


The fact is there are a lot of things you can do with corrugated board from those boxes – all you need to do is to get a little crafty. If you want to help get rid of those boards and turn them into something useful and decorative for the office, these three unique craft ideas should get you started.







  1. Desk Organizer

Always struggling to find where you put those papers you were supposed to sign? Yes, finding a document in a mile high pile of disorganized papers on your desk can be close to impossible. That’s why you might want to make a DIY desk organizer for your office table. There’s really not much to the process of making one, so you can expect to complete the project before lunch time – if you start early. Be sure to measure your board with a few inches of allowance to make room for the papers you plan to place inside. It would also be a neat idea to label those compartments to make it easier for you to find what you need to.








  1. Laptop Stand

Always slouching at your desk? That might be the reason for your lower back pain. According to experts, back and neck pain are the most common reasons for work related absences. Unless you want to risk your perfect attendance, it would be wise to find a solution for your bad desk posture. Using a laptop stand will help bring your laptop up to a more comfortable height to help you achieve an ideal posture. Be sure to check a few instructions online before getting down with the project to ensure your results are sturdy enough to keep your laptop in place.







  1. Tack Board

How often do you lose track of what you need to do? Yes, with so many duties, it can be hard to remember everything that you need to keep in mind. A tack board made from cardboard can be very easy to make, simply because the board itself is good at holding tacks and keeping them in place. All you really need to worry about is how you intend to hang the board on your wall to make it not only functional, but also decorative.



Don’t throw those cardboard boxes away just yet. There’s a lot of potential in those if you know how to upcycle. Keep these three craft ideas in mind the next time a shipment comes into the office and turn that box into something that will make your work space just a little more comfortable and convenient.

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