4 Must-Eat Foods in Kota Kinabalu



A trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK) is not enough until you’ve tasted some of the best dishes this coastal city has to offer. While KK is famous for its seafood, there are also other amazing non-seafood dishes you need to try. Here are 4 must-eat dishes you need to order when you’re in KK.





  1. Fish Noodle

It’s probably one of the most authentic, local dish people can get in KK. The thick noodles are made from fish paste. It is served drenched in a clear broth that is just as flavorful. There is one catch, though. Fish noodle often sells out quickly so people need to get it as early as 8 o’clock in the morning. Many tourists who come to KK never get the chance to taste it because they sell out fast.





  1. Bak Kut Teh

It’s not seafood but it’s a must-try when you’re in KK. Bak kut teh is a hearty meat dish where big chunks of pork are stewed in a rich, aromatic broth that has cloves, garlic, fennel seeds, star anise, cinnamon and coriander. It is also known as a “pork rib soup.” For people who don’t eat or like pork, bak kut teh also has beef, mutton and even ostrich meat variants. Best eaten with steaming white rice but it can also be eaten with you tiao, which is a type of savory dough fritters. One order usually serves 3 to 4 people. It’s a great dish to order for family-style meals.





  1. Baked Fish And Lemon Risotto

While KK offers a great variety of Asian dishes that feature seafood, people rarely find one with cheese in it. And cheese also goes so well with seafood! A great western restaurant in Kota Kinabalu offers a different take on seafood and the baked fish and lemon risotto is often highly recommended. This dreamy, creamy, cheesy dish is just phenomenal. After all, people can’t go wrong with anything that has cheese in it!





  1. Grilled Squid

KK is famous for its seafood and the grilled variants served at the Filipino Night Market are totally worth it. For tourists who are looking for some very casual dining and street food, this night market is worth exploring. There are many street food stalls to explore but they basically sell the same thing—grilled seafood. The stuffed, grilled squid are the most popular for those who are sticking to a tight budget. However, for people who want a real seafood treat, go for the giant prawns and lobster.





Enjoy These Great KK Eats

When in KK, people always go for the seafood because that’s what they are famous for but do check out the classics like bak kut teh and you tiao. There are many food establishments in KK that cater to the cravings of both locals and tourists so there is always something for everyone.

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