4 Ways to Breathe Life Back Into Your Living Room



Creating a new vibe in your living room is always an exciting idea.  When you stare at this area in your home and see how you can use some light in one corner and the armchairs brought to a more prominent space, you know you’re ready to give it a face lift.


Before you begin moving your sofas and corner tables around, here are some good old tips to help you achieve the look and feel that is just right for your room’s size and family activities.


  1. Take only what you need.


Look around your living room and identify the furniture and appliances that you rarely use.  Is it time to move the TV in the den so you can entertain guests with less distraction?  Place a bookshelf where the TV used to be.  Fill it with your book collection and framed family photos to personalize the space.


  1. Let go of divisions.


Instead of the usual dividers or see-through shelves, use a comfort and stylish L shape sofa to demarcate the area between your living and dining rooms.  This works well if you have limited space as it provides a continuous view of the entire room, giving it a wider, more spacious ambiance.


  1. Have more than one focal point.


So you’ve taken the TV out of the picture, now remake some more by creating a second focal point.  This is advisable for homeowners who like to host large groups every now and then.  It will discourage people from crowding together in one large space.  A sitting area by the window is a cozy alternative for guests who like to keep it low while others can congregate in the sofas and armchairs.


  1. Create breathing spaces and elbow rooms.


No one wants a stuffy living area so make sure you have enough room to move freely!  Creating some distance between the back of your sofa and the wall is a great idea as long as the space is wide enough to work for something (room for the floor lamp, a narrow table to hold books); otherwise, let the back rest on the wall so you can enjoy more leg room.


As the living room is an area for relaxation, so should your mood be when coming up with ideas to re-create it.  Take your time, breathe, and let your creative juices run free!


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