5 Awesome Uses For Used Packing Foam


When you order electronics or appliances, chances are it came packed and shipped with packing foams as the cushioning material. They are also called PP foams – different types of PP foams are used for various industrial and commercial applications.

Most people usually throw these away. However, did you know they can be used for other purposes as well? Here are five uses of used packing foams.dsc08125

1.Cover tips of sharp and pointed tools

Small pieces of packing foam can be used to cover tips of sharp, pointed tools. This is not only useful when travelling, but also when storing these tools inside a drawer or tool box. Having foam tips can prevent nicks and cuts when you reach in to get something from the box.spacer-4

  1. Use as spacers

Some people use packing foam as spacers. They are added to the edges of walls of mirrors and picture frame in order to protect the paint.004229dfd373f01786caf17a60f34c91

  1. Use as gardening aids

Gardeners find packing foam useful when increasing drainage. They are often added at the bottom of large planters since they add volume but do not add any additional weight.s-l1000

  1. Turn into arts and crafts materials

For people who work with kids, pieces of PP foam can be coloured and used for art projects. For example, green ones can become pretend snakes. Alternatively, they can be used as wool for sheep projects.product-banners_moldingequipment

  1. Store old electronics/computer equipment

Larger pieces can be used to pack old computer monitors or other pieces of electronics that are no longer being used. You can later donate them to recycling centres, or give them away to people who may still be able to use them.

Repurposing, reusing, or recycling packing foam is good practice not only because of environmental reasons. It is an opportunity to enhance creativity and imagination, and saves you a bit of money in the process too.

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