5 Fantastic Ways Shower Filters Promote Great Health


Malaysia is a great place to live and visit, and the quality of living continues to improve along with the nation’s continually growing economy. The water quality, though, can vary from location to location, and that means you could become sick or worse if you don’t take precautions.

Malaysia’s tap water requires boiling before drinking or cooking. And if you buy a water softener system, you can greatly improve the quality of water in your home.

Likewise, if you don’t use a good shower filter, potentially harmful minerals and chemicals could be passed into your system and make you ill or worse. To help you and your family stay healthy, the following are five ways shower filters help.1

  1. Combat Chlorine

In many locations, chlorine is used to treat public tap water. That chlorine can enter your body and cause illnesses. When you use a shower filter, though, the chlorine is reduced to safe levels.2

  1. Keep Skin Moist

In addition to chlorine, other chemicals and contaminants in common tap water can dry out your skin. A shower filter will remove those chemicals and preserve your skin’s natural oils.3

  1. Reduce Inhaled Chemicals

If you love hot, steamy showers, you could breathe in harmful chemicals, along with water vapor. The steaming hot water likewise vaporizes chemicals, which you could inhale if you don’t use a shower filter.4

  1. Lower Water-Borne Contaminants

The shower in your home is the single greatest source of water-based contaminants, especially when releasing lots of water vapor during a hot shower. A filter will remove contaminants and keep your home safe.5

  1. Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Your shower can be a source of vaporized chlorine and other chemicals and contaminants known to contribute to the development of breast cancer. Using a shower filter can reduce the risk of breast cancer by filtering out chlorine and other cancer-causing substances.

For a relatively small investment, your shower can be the source of much safer water that will help to keep you and your loved ones in the best of health. A shower filter promotes healthy lifestyles by cleaning up your shower water and eliminating one of the most overlooked sources of chemical contamination in your home — your shower water.

A shower filter is simple to install and generally affordable while providing potentially many years of healthy living for you and your loved ones.

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