5 Great International Schools In Malaysia Outside Kuala Lumpur

tMost expats in Malaysia are concentrated in the country’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur, where there are quite some international schools to choose from. If you’re stationed elsewhere in Malaysia besides the capital city, there are five great international schools outside Kuala Lumpur worth checking out:1

  1. Malacca Expatriate International School, Malacca

The Malacca Expatriate International School or MES is a co-ed that follows the British educational system. Located in the state of Malacca, major subjects on offer include accounting, business studies, economics, English, ICT, Mandarin, Malay, science, maths, history, and geography.2

  1. Fairview International School, Johor Bahru Branch

With six branches throughout Malaysia, Fairview International School offers a whole suite of International Baccalaureate curriculum. Admission involves submitting an online application, student assessment, and student review before your child is offered a place at the school.  3

  1. Garden International School, Pahang Branch

One of the oldest international schools in Malaysia, Garden International School or GIS follows the British educational system for students age three to eighteen years old. The private co-ed school has a few branches in the country.4

  1. Westlake International School, Perak

Another international school that follows a British-based curriculum, the Westlake International School in Perak sees students from the primary level to A-Levels. There’s also a short-term study program to Japan.5

  1. Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang

The Prince of Wales Island International School, or POWIIS, is located on the idyllic island of Penang. Following the British curriculum that leads to IGCSE and A-Level qualifications, the co-ed school offers boardings from year 7 to 13. Schools like POWIIS Malaysia are often the gateway to top universities of the world, like Cambridge University or Oxford University. The admission process at POWIIS typically involves language and cognitive ability tests, as well as an informal interview and assessment that require no preparation.

Pay the school of your choice a visit and try to get the right information as much as you can, such as tuition fees, boarding availability, types of curriculum followed, and any other necessary thing to know. Create a checklist that will satisfy both you and your child’s schooling needs.

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