5 Things Men Do That Ages Them Faster

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How you feel and look when you reach a certain age later will depend on how you live your life now. Your lifestyle plays a huge role in determining your health condition in your senior years, so it’s best that you start getting rid of your bad habits now before it’s too late. There are a few things people do that can speed up their ageing process, which men tend to overdo compared to women:1429430849570

  1. Prolonged sun exposure Sun exposure can contribute to accelerated external ageing and wrinkles. Not only that, those who don’t use sun protection will end up with elastosis and age spots. Prolonged sun exposure could be worse as they can give you skin cancer. Chronic sun exposure is one of the factors that can make men age faster as they seldom use sunscreens. You can avoid the breakdown of your skin’s elastic tissue, which makes your skin dry and appear leathery and rough, by starting to use sunscreen to protect your skin and slow down the ageing process. You can also buy serums for men to hydrate your skin.smoking
  2. Excessive smoking Not only does smoking ages you fast and gives you wrinkles, it leads to a series of health problems. If you are unlucky, you’ll end up with cancer. According to a study, smoking shortens the telomere length, which is the biological ageing process of your body. In other words, smoking excessively makes you look and feel old before your time. Cut out your smoking habits by going to a smoker’s therapy, or use a nicotine patch. If you’re a social smoker, avoid people who will encourage you to smoke. If you tend to smoke when you’re stressed, do something more productive, like exercising.bingedrinking2
  3. Excessive drinking Drinking and smoking tend to go hand-in-hand, which makes it even worse for your skin and your overall health. Your cognitive ability will decline with excessive alcohol consumption. If you’re on some medications, alcohol can also interfere with it. To stay safe, stick to one drink a day. How much you should drink depends on how old you are, and the drinking limit changes as you grow older. To be sure of how much alcohol you can take, ask your doctor.stress-anxiety-and-depression-are-interlinked
  4. Stress and depression Stress and depression could age you, and if you bottle up your feelings instead of talking about it, whether with family members, friends or professional therapists, it’s possible that you might do something even worse, like drinking excessively to numb your pain. Avoid cognitive impairment and premature mental decline by identifying your stressors and overcoming them. You can also try relaxation techniques like exercise or meditation.counchshutterstock_71677819
  5. Being a couch potato Being a couch potato actually slows you down and weakens you as your body isn’t used to active, physical activity. Get off the couch and start doing regular physical activity to keep stress away and prevent heart disease. Help around the house or go out for a walk. A study shows that walking about 30 minutes for three times a week lowers your risk of common injuries and health issues often faced by older people like weak knees.

Aside from getting rid of your bad habits, you should also eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, get enough sleep and be well rested, and change your diet by avoiding eating too much fat, salt and processed food.

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