5 Tips to be Fully Relaxed in a Thai Spa



Have you been feeling excessively exhausted due to work? Well, life is too short to make it so stressful. Though you know that stress is inevitable, you should not let yourself be consumed by it. You deserve a break. So, to have that rewarding body and mind relaxation, there are a lot of Thai spas in Bangkok which you could engage in. If you are planning to have the most soothing weekend getaway at a Thai spa, here are some helpful tips for you:


  1. Be an Early Bird

    Because it is highly advised to spend each time wisely, arrive at least 15 minutes before the said appointment. At your arrival, you’ll be required to fill out some forms first and have a tour with a staff. 15 minutes is enough to prepare your things. Most Bangkok Thai spas have waiting areas where you could sit and have coffee while listening to music. Also, early birds sometimes receive rewards like shopping discounts, free food service, or a Bangkok hotel promo.


  1. Ask Questions

    Don’t hesitate to ask questions to one of the staffs. They’ll guide you from the beginning up to the end of your spa experience. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way possible and in any way they can.


  1. Maximize the Facilities

    Make the most out of the money you spent. Use the steam room and the sauna. Consume healthy snacks that are available for you. Don’t deprive yourself of shampoos and lotions.


  1. Take off Your Clothes

    No underwears or bathing suits is a common rule on a Bangkok Thai spa. For your knowledge, a massage is usually done with no clothes on and this is acceptable policy in many Thai spas. Don’t be shy or feel awkward because your privacy will not be violated. You’ll be asked to change in a private change room and put on a silky robe. Also, during the massage session, you’ll be covered with blankets, so your body won’t be too exposed. Client privacy is highly observed in all areas. Trust the massage therapist.Gustav-Metzger.-Just-Relax.


  1. Just relax

    Spas maintain an ambiance of peacefulness to make their clients relaxed. Your main purpose why you are there is to release your tensions and stresses out. So would you be relaxed if you’ll keep on chatting, scanning your phone, and roaming around the vicinity? No. Remove all distractions and focus on yourself, even just for today. Do some breathing exercises.


Ultimately, just enjoy the spa. First time experiences can be confusing. Instead of relaxing, you get bothered by the things you are unfamiliar to do with. It is also recommended to accompany yourself with a friend. Two is better than one. You’ll not just be relaxed, but you’ll also get to share that moment with someone.

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