5 Tips When Selecting a Water Filter System



There are countless water filtration systems to choose from in the market today. Some are simple and portable while others are big, bulky, and complicated. However, they work for different set-ups and depends on the number of people who use them. Having your own filtered water system at home or at work is the best way to assure everyone of clean drinking water.


Here are some things to consider when looking for the best water filter in Malaysia:


  1. Adequate capacity

You should determine how much drinking water you need in a day. This can be your baseline for the capacity of the filtration system. Or you can make use of faucet-mounted filters, or those which are installed under the sink. These a provide practically unlimited filtered water supply.


2.Flow rate

Water flows through filters, which in turn impede the natural flow. You should choose a filtration system which affords you medium to fast flow. Fast enough that it does not take too much time to fill a glass or a pitcher.


  1. Certifications

It is not enough that a filter cleans water. You should also have assurance from a third-party that the filter does its job. Check out the certifications from agencies like the SF International or the Water Quality Association. Doing so ensures that your filters comply with safety and quality standards.


  1. Filter quality or change indicator

Home filtration systems usually use a filter. This traps the particulates and chemicals and lets clean water through. In time, it will get filled with all these things it has filtered. By then, you should replace the filter. If possible, the filtration system should have an indicator telling you that it is time to change the filter.



  1. Attachments

A filter system with compatible attachments allows you to be able to install and replace it without needing any special equipment or fittings. Attachments which are compatible to your plumbing allow you to easily replace your filter at any time.   Installing a filter or replacing it can be an easy task. Just follow the manual or diagram to see where necessary attachments are supposed to go.



You should buy a water filter  that suits your requirements and your family’s needs. The above criteria can help you make a practical choice.

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