5 Top Tips For Action Figure Collectors



Action figurines evolved from being children’s toys to being the passion of adult collectors. For enthusiasts, it helps preserve the memory of a favorite movie, TV show, or comic book. For others, it can be a sort of financial investment since the collectibles market is a lucrative one.


Here are a few things that you must remember when venturing out into the world of action figurines.




  1. Mint or Loose?

This may be one of the hottest topics you might encounter among the collector community. Mint figures are those that are still in the same condition as they were in the stores. They are still in their original packages, and these packages are brand new. You will usually see them designated as “MIP” (mint in package) or “MIB” (mint in box). They are more expensive than most other action figurines.

Loose figures, on the other hand, have been taken out of the package so they can be displayed in poses and holding various accessories. There are collectors who believe that this reduces the figure’s overall value.




  1. Comb through thrift stores

Go through your local directory to find nearby thrift stores, and check them for the availability of collectible figures. These stores sometimes carry unbelievable deals, especially since they aren’t out for profit as much as big-name toy stores. If you’re lucky, a figure selling for $50 or so can be found for just a couple of bucks. Also, don’t be intimidated by the prospect of digging through toy bins. Often, these contain multiple figures from the same line so you can find a bunch of related figures.




  1. Know the condition of your figures

Action figurines are often rated in terms of quality by the C1-10 scale. C1 represents the poorest condition, where limbs may be torn off and paint may be flaking. On the other hand, C10 means mint condition, as if the figure has just exited the factory (package included). If you think of toy collecting for profit, this will be an important guide. Ongoing rates for each rate of figures can be easily found online or in specialty magazines.




  1. Store them properly

Improper storage can easily damage your collections. If you are not displaying them, keep them out of direct heat, sunlight, or extreme temperatures. Make sure to store them in an organized manner, and use a suitable container. You can use EVA foams to protect your figures while in storage. You can also put them in acid-free plastic bags to prevent moisture and other factors from affecting them.




  1. Have an idea for your collection

It would make little sense to buy each and every action figure you come across. Have a definite idea of the type of figurines you wish to collect. This helps you save time, money, and space by avoiding those that don’t fit with your collection.


Collecting action figurines can be a rewarding hobby — but only if you observe some basic tips and tricks in the process. When you do, you can not only grow your collection but also pass them on to your children or to future buyers.

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