6 Smart And Simple Online Job Application Hacks To Nail An Interview

Getting your foot in the door requires extra researches and efforts, whether the company you’re applying for is based in Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia. According to career experts, only 2% job applicants manage to snag an interview due to the rigorous requirements set by most companies, especially those that use a system called ‘automatic elimination’, a process that immediately eliminates unqualified candidates upon quick scanning of CV or resume. Before you apply for a job online, check out the six smart and simple hacks you can do to nail an interview with your dream company:

  1. Thoroughly read the descriptions of the job – This is one of the most crucial parts of your job application process, whether online or offline. A good job description is enough to tell you whether or not you’re qualified for the role, and gives you an idea of your capability to carry out the tasks should they hire you. Make sure your qualification, skills and work experience are strong enough to support your application. If you can’t imagine yourself handling the job, that’s a red flag that you shouldn’t apply for the role.Thoroughly read the descriptions of the job in KK and apply based on your capability
  2. Only apply for the jobs you’re qualified for – You don’t have to be 100% qualified for a job, though it helps if you’re at least 70%-80% qualified to meet the minimum requirement. For those who are planning on a career change, make sure you get the necessary qualification or skills to increase your chances. If you have little to no work experience, consider highlighting your past projects that are relevant and may help with your application process.
  3. Tailor your cover letter – Just as ‘one-size-fits-all’ clothing doesn’t actually cater to every body, a generic cover letter won’t win you the attention of any hiring manager. Always tailor your cover letter to each different job you apply for. Let the hiring manager see how much effort you’ve put into your application and how well you’ve done your research.Tailor your CV or Resume to apply for job vacancies in KK
  4. Tailor your CV or resume – Just like your cover letter, your CV or resume needs to be tailored accordingly to each different application. Include an interesting layout or design with legible fonts. If you want to work in the creative industry, you can be a little creative with your CV or resume.
  5. Ensure everything is error free – Double check your grammar, spelling, or other possible errors you could’ve made. A slight mistake could cost you as you might not make it into their call-back list.Review all of the information you give before you submit your application of job in KK
  6. Review all of the information you give – Before you submit your application, double check everything and review all of the information you’ve given. Are they factual, accurate, and legit? Are there any loopholes that need filling (i.e. is there a huge gap between your past job and the next job)? Some hiring managers will not consider your application if the information isn’t sufficient or is unsatisfactory. Bottom line: never exaggerate or lie with any info required by the company.

There are several cities in Malaysia with thriving job markets, including Kota Kinabalu. The capital city of Sabah boasts of several economic sectors with a high demand in job vacancies, such as tourism and banking. Checking for a job vacancy in Kota Kinabalu online should be part of your research if you plan to work there. The more you do your research and make the necessary effort, the higher the chances you snag an interview session with the company of your choice.

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