7 Essential Travel Safety Tips to Stay Safe and Connected

The world is becoming smaller. Affordable flights, travel options, and applications are making it easier to fly around the world. Wanderlust is overflowing with the ease provided by technology. While travel has never been this available, it’s important to always be safe. While there are tons of travel tips out there, here are seven essential tips that the on-the-go and mobile traveler should not forget to stay safe and connected.


  1. Download transportation applications

Public transportation is different in every country, from the ubiquitous cabs to tricycles. Transportations applications like Uber, Grab and Lyft allows you to book vehicles from cars, motorcycles and even helicopters. The plus point is the companies have screened and approved the drivers for your safety.


  1. Save a digital footprint

In case you lose your passport or leave behind a credit card, for safety purposes, scan a copy of these important documents and save it on your mobile phones. You never know when you’ll need ID.


  1. Always have Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to save locations, create an itinerary, and select the safest route to get there. Whether by foot, bike or car, Google Maps can adopt different methods to get you to that museum or hole-in-the-wall fast and safe. Since you can’t always have a reliable internet connection, load your itinerary when connected via Wi-Fi (for example at your hotel). You’ll then be able to consult the map even offline.


  1. Be travel-insured

What are the chances of a complication on your flight? Not only travel insurance protects you from medical accidents, but it also provides protection in the case of delayed or canceled flights, lost goods, and many others. Save yourself any travel-related hassle and easily get travel insurance in Malaysia online.


  1. Get on the map

For an adventure or city-explorer, you could get lost in a labyrinth in a foreign land. Always have someone back home who’s regularly keeping tabs on your locations. Simply have them track your phone’s GPS signal. So if you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere, you know who to call to the rescue.


  1. Bring external chargers and adaptors

In the age of smartphones and tablets, electronics have become indispensable. Every country has their form of outlet, so it’s important to carry a transformable adaptor and external chargers wherever you go. Working devices equal staying connected.


  1. Have a copy of your hotel’s business card

As old-school as it gets, always bring around the business card of your hotel with the address and contact details. Whether your phone runs out of battery, or you maybe drank too much at the local watering hole, you’ll be able to get back safely to your home base.


Traveling has never been as accessible as it is today because of technology. Follow these seven tips to ensure you’ll be on the plane back home after a fuss-free holiday.

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