A Crystal-clear Way to Have Whiter, Younger Skin

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Everyone loves crystal clear skin, but getting it can be a challenge. There are several beauty products in the market today to help consumers get good skin, but most of them are not effective, and they leave people disappointed. There is good news to people who love clear and young skin.

crystal tomatoCrystal tomato is a food supplement that has a lot of benefits to the skin. The supplement is the first product in the world to offer such benefits, and it’s made mainly from non-genetically white tomatoes. The product contains carotenoids that have been proven to give your skin whitening and brightening benefits. According to Dr. Chen Tai Ho, the supplement is very safe and convenient because it doesn’t bring any harm to the user.


Here are other benefits of crystal tomato.

• The supplement acts as a natural sunscreen from UVA and UVB rays. It protects the users from UV damage, sunburn and photo oxidation. This way, your skin looks good all the time.

• It serves as an anti-oxidant that protects the users from free radical damage that are caused by different environmental aggressors.

• The supplement also contains anti-inflammatory agents that act against wounds and UV damage.

• The products Inhibit melanin synthesis, and this helps to prevent pigmentation spots that form on the skin.

• It brings down the melanin that is present in the cells. Some of this include dark acne scars, dark underarms freckles and age spots that are for an anti-aging and also anti-photo aging effects.

• The supplement is very effective in preventing any DNA damage to the users.

• It is also effective in promoting even skin tone, something that many people struggle with. It ensures that the users have a radiant skin complexion in the face and body.

• In several clinical studies, the supplement has been proven to effectively increase the natural skin UV protection, and this improves the user’s skin suppleness, evenness in skin tone and smoothness.  According to Dr. Chen Tai Ho, an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, the product is very healthy and also suitable for the vegetarians and vegans. It has been certified by halal, and the health ministry in Malaysia approves it. The product is made in the United States.


Crystal Tomato in Malaysia is getting very popular as time goes by. This is because of the fact that it is very safe to use. It is made from natural ingredients, do it is not harmful to the users. The product is very popular because of the anti-aging properties it contains too. The consumers are supposed to take it once a day, making it very convenient.

As Crystal Tomato in Malaysia is gaining popularity, many countries are starting to use it. The supplement should be taken regularly at any time of the day. The user has to decide on the time that suits their routine. One box of the supplement contains one month supply in 3 blister strips of ten supplements each. People who have used the product say that apart from being healthy, it is effective and convenient.


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