A Guide for Expats in Malaysia: 7 Essential Tips to Comfortably Settle In

Malaysia is a global country, home to big conglomerates and a booming startup scene. Thousands of expats move to Malaysia to work and ride the growing economy. If you happen to find yourself on a plane to live and work in Malaysia, the move can be quite daunting because of the new surroundings and culture. Here are seven tips to comfortably settle down in Malaysia.


  1. Join a Club or Organization

Making friends can be difficult when moving to a country full of new people and a new culture. A quick way to meet like-minded folks is to join expatriate groups and societies. Luckily, Malaysia is home to a slew of organizations whether you’re from Asia, the US or Europe.


  1. Set a Routine

To feel comfortable in a new country, be sure to continue certain habits you had back home. If you work out in the gym every morning, find a gym you like in Malaysia. If you spend weekends hiking, Malaysia is home to hiking trails. Continue doing what you love to adapt comfortably.


  1. Set Up a Bank Account

It’s advisable to open a Malaysian bank account because of the change in currency. A Malaysian account will also help you in managing different income flows and alleviating the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.


  1. Tour Around the City

It can be daunting to settle down in a new country. There are many places you are unaware of and need to know before Malaysia feels like home. Join a professional tour or get a friend to bring you around. Deliberately exploring the Malaysia is the best introduction.


  1. Learn the Lay of the Land

Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur, is global. However, the primary language remains to be Malay. Before heading on your flight, be sure to learn basic phrases in Malay and research about certain Malaysian customs to be respectful and welcomed by locals.


  1. Understand the Office Culture

A chunk of your stay in Malaysia will revolve around work, and a new country will have a different set of office customs and norms. Ask, listen, and observe. Do these three key things to understand the local office culture.


  1. Set Up a System to Reach Out to Friends and Family Back Home

Homesickness is the biggest pitfall of embarking on a journey in a different country. Set up a weekly system to communicate with family and friends back home. Utilize messenger applications, social media, and schedule weekly video calls.


Living in another country is a dream for many. If you’re living yours in Malaysia, you’re one of the lucky bunch. Malaysia offers so many beautiful adventures and stories. Bookmark this article or send a link to yourself to comfortably move and settle down in the multicultural Malaysia.

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