A Traveller’s Guide: Superb Tips for Inter-City Travel Within Malaysia

Being an emerging nation in the Asia Pacific region, public transportation infrastructure in Malaysia is ultra-modern and relatively cheap and efficient. In fact, all major cities and towns around Malaysia are equipped with an airport strip for ease of convenience. The roads are well maintained as well, meaning you don’t have to worry about experiencing a bumpy ride! Also, much of your travelling in most parts of Malaysia will more likely be by bus, minivan, long-distance taxi, flight and trains. To make sure your commute personal experience around Malaysia’s way about become a pleasant one, below are some handy tips and tricks for inter-city travel experience within Malaysia people should follow all the time.


1) Train

Daily travel by train in Malaysia is becoming more and more convenient and a whole lot faster, and with the new introduction of the KTMB high-speed ETS Train in the country (Electric Train Service), people can expect to reach their designated destination within a few minutes than they used to before. Apart from the long running ETS services provided from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, more new ETS routes are being opened every day around major cities within Malaysia to ensure people, goods and services transportation become much convenient. If you’re scheduled to travel by ETS train anytime soon within Malaysia, at least make sure you check the most up-to-date KTM komuter timetable and ETS timetable online so that you can know whether the ETS train you’re about to board takes that particular route you’re going.


2) Buses

Every time you wish to explore more of Malaysia’s striking cities and towns by bus, at least be ready to experience highly convenient and superb services that are second to none. Ideally most of these buses are air-conditioned, very comfortable and charge quite a reasonable low rate. Also worth knowing, bus services are readily available within every city’s cosmopolitan, while most coach services are readily available for inter-city travelling. Many people opt to board coaches quite a lot than ordinary buses, because of the striking beauty of the city people spectacle as they leave or approach their arranged destination.

malaysia taxi

3) Taxis

Malaysia is a heavily motorised country, which means anytime you’d wish to dash to a nearby place around the city or town within Malaysia, picking a curb would be a viable option. Also taxi services are found in plenty within a city’s cosmopolitan area. Depending on the location you’d wish to be taken, you can always negotiate with the curb’s driver on the fare fee you’d wish to pay. More so, various companies in Malaysia offer both taxis and limousine services, although they usually charge more than the ordinary curbs you’d find in the city.

For self-drivers, car rentals are widely available within Malaysia. Before you’re offered an opportunity to drive within any of Malaysia’s states, all that would be required of you is to have at least reached a minimum age of 18 years and with either a valid provincial or international driver’s license.


4) Trishaws

And lastly, anytime you wish to hit or move around the streets in the city–sure, trishaws are always a viable option to choose from. And lucky for you, Malaysia boasts being among the major cities around the world where people of all ages pride themselves for keeping the bicycle “city and street” culture alive. These bicycles are conspicuous everywhere, especially around most tourist destinations and depending on the bicycle you’d wish to board–fare can always be negotiated anytime!

Above all else, every time you’d feel like exploring more of Malaysia’s electric cities and towns, follow the handy tips and tricks outlined above anytime. All these mode of transport services are quite reliable, very comfortable and also readily available, meaning anytime you’d wish to dash to any particular place most of these transport services would be at your finger tips all the time. Even for those who could be pressed for time, within Malaysia everyone is sure to find a highly convenient transportation option that would satisfy their every need. All in all, depending on any designated location you’d wish to visit or explore, following the handy tips and tricks shared above will make your inter-city travel around Malaysia become such a breeze!

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