Be The Change with a Bidet – Why You Should Quit Using Toilet Paper and Switch to a Bidet

Wipe and flush has now been replaced by rinse and flush. Thanks to the revolutionary invention that is the bidet, people no longer have to reach for their privates whenever they’re done doing their dirty business. Unfortunately, old habits seem to die hard. Despite the convenience and ease that bidets offer, there are still billions of people who would much rather grab for tissue when they’re done with the loo. If you’re one of those billions, now is the time to stop. Find out why you should get a bidet toilet seat instead of using toilet paper to make your bathroom practice a little more eco-friendly.bidet-toilet-seat-can-save-more-toilet-paper

  1. No Clogs, Less Trash – According to recent studies, 7 in every 10 people still use toilet paper for their bums or privates when they visit the toilet. Every day, the average individual uses at least 57 sheets of toilet paper, including the times they need it for removing makeup, wiping their nose, or cleaning up a spill. Sadly, more than half of these sheets get flushed down the toilet everyday, which translates to billions of toilet paper pieces flowing through pipe and drainage systems every year. Whatever doesn’t get flushed down the toilet is likely to be thrown out of the window, or simply tossed into a heap of rubbish on the street. If people would switch to using bidets instead, toilet paper usage would be reduced by more than half, allowing easier management of waste, and preventing clogs from building up in sewage systems.
  2. Higher Level of Cleanliness – How sure are you that the soap you keep on your sink is good enough to wash off any residue that might be on your hands after you wash your bum with toilet paper? The spread of disease starts when one person fails to properly clean their hands after a visit to the bathroom. Imagine coming into contact with an individual who just wiped their bum and didn’t wash – it’s literally anyone’s nightmare. Bidets allow us to enjoy a higher level of sanitation by reducing any contact we might make with contaminants when we use the toilet, thus making the world cleaner and safer.bidet-toilet-seat-gives-a-more-clean-toilet-to-your-home
  3. Bigger Savings – In a single year, an average person can use up 2.8 miles of toilet paper, which is roughly around 49 rolls. If there are more people in your household, you might be using much more. No doubt, crunching those numbers will result to a rather large sum. Fortunately, you can save up big if you choose instead to invest in a bidet instead of wiping with toilet paper. If you’re thinking your water bill might spike when you use a bidet instead, it’s important to keep in mind that bidets are designed to save water and reduce consumption without sacrificing a pristine clean, so you can enjoy a thorough wash without having to worry about the expense.say-goodbye-to-toilet-paper-after-install-bidet-toilet-seat

Dump the toilet paper and switch to a bidet instead. Keep your house clean, your family safe and healthy, your expenses at an all time low, and make the world a little cleaner by doing your part, and invest in a bidet today.

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