Beauty Review: Berissom Lip Tint and IOPE Air Cushion

This is a makeup shopping guide including tips, focusing on two products that are manufactured in Korea. Both products are hugely popular in Asia so this article features the latest version of both products for Berissom Lip Tint which is Berissom TintPack Season 3 and IOPE Air Cushion which is IOPE Air Cushion XP.


Berissom Lip Tint


The Berissom lip tint (buy here) is a tint that peels off like a facial mask. It is also known as OOPS My Lip Tint Pack. Produced in Korea, it is a patented product known as a Lip tattooing pack cosmetic composition. The newly released Berissom TintPack Season.3 is an improvement over Season 1 and Season 2 OOPs My Lip Tint Packs. The lip tints are deeper, clearer and brighter. Also, three kinds of clinical trials have been conducted to show 12 hour lasting improvements, moisturizing improvements and keratin improvements. There are 7 tubes of color in the Berissom TintPack Season 3. Each color comes in a 15 gr tube.

Included Colors in Berissom TintPack Season 3:


  • bubble pink (cherry pink)
  • lovely peach (yellow orange)
  •  sexy red (pure red)
  • pure pink (lovely pink)
  •  candy orange (real orange)
  •  vivid scarlet (stunning coral)
  •  virgin red (real red)



How to apply:


  1.  Using the applicator tube top, cover lips, thickly and evenly, following lip line, be careful not to get tint on skin outside of the lip line.
  2.  Let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes, avoiding friction between the lips.
  3.  After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the mask slowly pulling gently on one end and peeling it off in the direction of the other end.
  4.  Make sure the mask is removed entirely then apply clear lip gloss to give lips a glossy appearance.





  •  This is peel off lip tint, so do not pull too hard. Remove slowly and easily.
  •  If lips are dry or sore, do not use as it will irritate the lips and the mask will not adhere correctly.
  •  If mask isn’t removed entirely after peeling it off, remove the rest with a wet tissue.


Berissom Lip Tint Contains:

Deep sea water, hydro collagen, papaya extract, royal jelly extract, blackberry extract, camellia extract, cranberry fruit extract, elder fruit extract, evening primrose extract, allantoin, and Palmitoyl oligopeptide.

IOPE Air Cushion

IOPE is a brand of Amore Pacific, an enormous worldwide company, which was established, and is based in Korea, since 1945. Amore Pacific has brought IOPE Air Cushion XP to the world. It is created from highly-enriched herbal extracts and innovative scientific technology. IOPE Air Cushion XP is the best selling cushion foundation in Korea.

IOPE Air Cushion is a puff soaked in foundation, that is set in the lower compartment of a big, beautiful compact. The compact is designed for refills to be added, which are sold to replace the old cushion with a new cushion, when the product expires after 12 months or as the cushion dries out. The compact has a second compartment in the lid for the puff to be kept to prevent the foundation from prematurely drying out and to keep the foundation fresh.

Characteristics of IOPE Air Cushion XP:


  •  sunblock
  •  30% mineral water for prolonged moisturizing of the skin
  •  Siberia Peptide 6 selection and pore elastomer for the integrity of pores and skin wellness
  •  3 vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin E derivatives and vitamin P) to brighten skin tone
  •  lasting effects for up to 12 hours, certified through clinical trials



Specifications of IOPE Air Cushion XP:


  •  sweat proof
  •  moisturizes skin,
  •  improves the condition of the pores
  •  reduces fine lines
  •  long lasting without darkening side effects


3 Types and Available Colors For Each Type:

N = for naturally moist skin and comes in #N21 cool vanilla natural and #N23 cool beige natural
C = coverage of blemished skin and comes in #C21 cool vanilla natural and #C23 cool beige natural
S = for shimmer and highlighter and comes in #22 shimmer beige


Pro’s & Con’s of IOPE Air Cushion XP


  •  moisturizing
  •  gives skin a healthy glow
  •  light weight
  •  long lasting
  •  SPF 50
  •  doesn’t cake
  •  natural looking
  •  unhygienic
  •  isn’t actually sweat proof
  •  puff is difficult to clean

The two products are easily found online to purchase, particularly IOPE Air Cushion. Buy IOPE air cushion in Malaysia here. It is intended that this article is greatly informative and helpful to all who are interested in these two popular makeup products.

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