Building Career in Klang – 6 Most In-Demand Jobs To Consider When Transfering to Klang

Klang, the harbor city located about 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, remains one of the busiest container and transhipment ports in the world, standing at 16th place and 13th place respectively. The municipality boasts of a wide range of industries, and is home to transportation, container and shipping-based companies. This is the reason why the job market in Klang is never dry – there are many positions waiting to be filled. Are you on the lookout for an opportunity to transfer to Klang? Find out the six most in-demand jobs you can consider:

  1. Site Supervisor / Project Manager Various industrial areas are being developed in Klang, and construction companies are in need of a site supervisor or project manager. For this role, you’re mainly tasked with coordinating M&E and builder’s works at the construction site. Your daily job description will include preparing progress report, project execution plan, and construction work program; and implementing all procedures, activities, and policies as per company requirement. You need to have at least a diploma in any field and five years of working experience in the relevant field.Site supervisor and project manager is needed as there are various industrial areas are being developed in Klang
  2. Production Supervisor For this role, you’ll be expected to oversee production efficiency metrics, safety targets, quality initiatives, and schedules; to develop operating procedures and policies; to review, analyze and develop operational reports; as well as to supervises staff on site. You must possess a diploma in operations management or equivalent, with a minimum of three years work experience in the relevant field. Furthermore, you must have strong computer skills, communication skills and analytical skills.
  3. Account Executive, Construction As an account executive in construction, you’ll be responsible for handling full set accounts which may include project accounts, inter-company reconciliation, creditors, and banks. Additionally, you’ll be charged with cash flow forecast, as well as with profit and loss account. To qualify for the role, you need to have at least a professional qualification in accountancy and finance, with three years of working experience in property development and construction industry. Bonus point if you’re knowledgeable in GST and computer accounting.You can apply for job in Klang as an Account Executive in Construction
  4. Operation Manager, Logistic As an operation manager in logistic, you’re tasked with managing, developing and initiating CIP; controlling and monitoring administrative and operational costs; performing quality control; preparing reports and documentations; coaching, training and planning the team; and controlling, directing and planning daily operations. You must possess a degree in business administration or management, engineering, or logistic, and five years of relevant working experience. Strong knowledge in ISO 9001 requirements is a plus.
  5. Senior Executive, Business Development As a senior executive in business development, you’re responsible in following up and monitoring potential tenders; reviewing the effectiveness of all activities of business development; maintaining existing customers; securing, developing, sourcing and identifying new business; conducting market research; and monitoring and analyzing market trend development. To qualify, you must have at least a degree in business or equivalent, and five years of relevant experience.Apply for job vacancies as a senior executive in business development in Klang now
  6. Production Engineer As a production engineer, you’ll be arranging manpower allocation, preparing monthly output report, doing production planning, conducting on-the-job training, countering measure quality issue, and preparing delivery schedule. You must have at least a diploma in engineering or equivalent. Some experience in the relevant field will be an advantage.

The town’s economy is still booming despite losing its ‘capital city of Selangor’ status. Furthermore, the cost of living is much cheaper compared to living and working in Kuala Lumpur or any other major towns within Klang Valley. If you’re interested in transferring to Klang, you can apply to job vacancies in Klang either through a direct online application or a licensed recruitment agency.

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