Cut Your Shower Time in Half With These Double-Duty Shower Products


Everyone loves a refreshing shower whether you schedule yours upon rising in the morning or shortly before bedtime to unwind from the rigors of the day. Whatever your schedule, it pays to know a few tricks to reduce the time you spend in the shower because as relaxing as it may be, long showers can dry your skin and hair. On top of that, long showers waste water and energy required to heat the water.

The Science behind Combination Bath Products

Surface cleansing is the primary function of bath products. To accomplish this, the body wash, shampoo or other cleaning product contain a type of chemical known as surfactant that washes dirt off by breaking the adhesive action between water and the greasy material on the skin or hair surface. The foaming action lifts the dirt and prevents re-adhesion to the skin.

Surfactants are known to wash off oil along with the dirt, which can cause skin dryness or hair frizziness. To solve this issue, moisture is added back using different products. In the case of hair, applying a conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo results in a coat of silicone applied to each hair strand. Depending on the formulation, the conditioning product is a protectant, moisturizer and gloss enhancer as it fills in the ruts and roughness in the hair strand.

Two-in-one or three-in-one combination products are specially formulated for multifunctionality. This means that only one product is used when showering, eliminating some steps and cutting down on time spent and water used on showering.

Shampoo and Conditioner Combination

With one application of a shampoo and conditioner product, you accomplish the cleansing and conditioning parts, which means less water used and less time spent in the shower.

Basically, the formula works because the silicone micro-droplets are suspended by polymers and remain inactive during the cleansing process. Adding water during rinsing activates the conditioning droplets.

Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath Combination


Products of this type are convenient to use, serving as an all-over hair and body wash. The formula is less complicated than a combination shampoo and conditioner because this 3-in-1 product is a cleansing agent for different body parts.

One or more type of surfactants may be included in the formula so that you will need only one product for washing from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Emollients may be added to the formula to ensure skin protection and hydration.

Using this type of shower product gives you two options: shampoo and scrub your body with the same product or soak in the bubble bath where you can wash your hair and use the same product to scrub down. Either way, you will still have to apply hair-conditioning products.

Consider using a separate cleanser formulated specifically for facial skin, which is more sensitive than other body parts. Combination products may be too harsh on fragile facial skin.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash Combination

These are bath products that will let you do it all in one go: clean and condition your hair and then wash and reinvigorate your skin. A body scrub may contain exfoliating products such as sugar, finely ground almonds or buffing microbeads along with emollients to moisturize the body.

Choosing a Combination Bath Product

No two formulations are exactly alike even when the ingredient lists are seemingly identical. When it comes to bath products, ingredients are diverse, ranging from organic to special chemical formulations. You can start by finding sample sizes to test the products. Consider also that each person’s skin and hair conditions are unique, and the same product may have different results on different individuals.

In any case, opting for a combination bath product is helpful when you are pressed for time. This choice also supports water conservation and reduces spending on bath products.


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