Don’t Go Hot or Cold with Skincare

Skin protects and insulates our body from the elements, so it is imperative to take care of it. There are many aesthetic doctors agreed that skincare is especially important during times of climate change, when seasonal fluctuations and other factors such as travel endanger skin health. It is also during these times that we are most tempted to neglect our skincare regimen no matter how stringent we may have been! This can be a challenge to get back into, and even more challenging when the skincare products that were used may no longer be appropriate within a prevailing climate. Diet and other aesthetic treatments can be efficient ways to combat problems with the skin brought on by changing climate.

Cold Shoulderdry skin in cold weather

We all know that colder months can dry out skin. It is typically during the winter months that chapped lips, acne, and weirder skin conditions seem to become more prevalent. Not only does the cold aggravate skin because of temperatures experienced outside, other factors such as lack of exercise, holiday diet lapses, and enclosure within buildings for long periods of time creates stress and toxins within the body that can negatively affect skincare. Diet is one way to combat lagging winter resolve and bad skin.


ginger“Ginger has also been shown to potentially reduce the aging process by improving your brain function, which in turn protects against Alzheimer’s.” said Dr. Chen Tai Ho, the famous aesthetic doctor.

Adding certain foods to your diet can assist the body to detox from toxins. Cloves, ginger, and hibiscus are good sources of nutrients that can even be added to teas. This is a good time for heavy creams and products that pack an extra moisture component. Winter is a good time to get cosmetic work done for the year, if this is a goal. Down time can be compensated for over the holidays.


Hot Tamales

Warmer climates are typically associated with vacation time! Forget the winter blues, when this season comes around taking care of skincare may be as simple as putting together travel packs for needs. Normal skin types will benefit from something less heavy with an invigorating and refreshing effect. UV Citrus creams and Green Tea products are good for skin at this time. Not only are they light and tropical, they provide protection from the heat and light for the sun.

This sun is the most threatening element to good skincare at this time. Unless living in a more moderate climate where extreme temperatures are not an issue, individuals should continue with a diet high in antioxidants and skincare products that contain the same. Too much high heat and light intensity can dry skin excessively. Combine this heat element with the ingestion of alcohol, a known skincare problem when taken in excess (and on vacation it’s harder to judge what may be excess) and there be cause for caution. If sunhats and UV products have left skin still feeling dry, anti-wrinkle treatments such as Sculptra may be helpful. This provides collagen to the skin.


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