Expert Tips for Playing Runescape


Runescape 3 has a new upgrade in terms of graphics and gameplay. Everything looks better than what you saw with Runescape 2, which is a much-needed upgrade to keep players coming back. First, try to create a clean interface because it will have an impact on how you navigate the screens in the game. With this system, you will have the ability to find things faster, and you will be able to attack better in the wilderness if you have a solid interface. There is nothing wrong with taking the time to organize your interface so that you can get the most from playing.

Invest: Spend Money to Make Money

What is a good method of making money? One of the ways that you can do this is to visit the slayer master chick. However, this tip will require around one million gold pieces. You will buy the broad arrowheads for around 50 gold pieces, and you will sell them elsewhere for 75 gold pieces each. It can make you a lot of extra gold, but you will need to invest money to make money. It adds a nice padding of gold to your character, and you do not have to have a high level to do it.


Using a Porter to Bank

If you are out in the wild, bank skilling items will give you an easy method of putting items in the bank faster. You will have a great option for collecting dragon hides fast, and you can continue to collect it faster. However, the one aspect that you have to keep in mind is that this will not work for bones or bars. For example, if you want to place some mithril bars in the bank, you will have to visit the nearest establishment to do it.


Clans—How They Can Help

Clans have many benefits, but one of the biggest advantages includes the social aspect of the game. You can make friends faster with fellow clan members, and you can go out in the wild for ganking enemy opponents. Aside from the social aspect of a clan, you may want to look at choosing a clan with a citadel. When choosing, pick one with a decent tiered citadel because this gives you greater benefits. Preferably, you want a citadel with a minimum of seven because this gives you the most experience points.

Citadels will give players free experience points and the chance to level up. Crafting is one of the best skills to level up at the citadel because you receive 280 experience points from 90 crafting, and it does not cost you experience points. If you want access to a citadel, it will take around a week after joining before you are allowed in. You can search the forums for clans that offer memberships with citadels.

For using these tips, you will need Runescape prepaid card codes because you will need to be a member to take full advantage of them. Go to for more information. Understanding these expert tips will help you to play better, earn more gold and it will help you earn more experience points.


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