Extra-curricular learning: 3 ways to encourage kids to learn outside of school

Learning is a very important part of a child’s life. Kids gather information from everything around them like a sponge; they simply absorb everything. Aside from the information they are taught in school, it is also important that they learn outside of it. Parents can help their kids with this by combining fun with learning.             Here are some activities, such as arts and crafts, music workshops, and sports that parents and kids can try so that learning continues even outside of school.


  1. Develop their artistic and musical skills        10812180-large Outside of school, kids might be interested in doing something creative. For this, the parents would have to explore the idea of letting the kids play musical instruments or create works of art.     Some kids may want to learn from other people by attending summer workshop classes, while some may just want to watch a couple of YouTube videos and do things by themselves. No matter their mode of learning, what is important is that they have their parents’ support along the way.


  1. Encourage them to be physically active at a young age            encouraging_fam_fitness_bikesKids have a lot of energy, and they are only discovering a lot of things about themselves and the things that they can do. Sports is a great way to let them explore their strengths. Unlike artistic and musical skills, sports usually involve other people. This means that being enrolled in classes and joining teams who share the same interest would benefit the young ones greatly.


  1. Teach them practical life skills        kids_cleaning_Learning activities for kids can also be the practical life skills that they can learn directly from their parents. Some kids might like to learn how to cook or to bake. Before enrolling them in cooking lessons, it might be helpful to teach them first the basics right in the comfort of their own home.                   Being money smart is another important life skill that the kids could use early on. This could involve teaching the kids how much of their weekly allowance to spend, and how much to save up so that they can buy whatever they want with their money.


Studying different subjects in school requires the kids to memorize, understand, and develop their critical thinking abilities. This doesn’t have to stop when they are outside of the school. The important thing is to make learning fun so that the kids will not lose interest so easily.

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