Halal Certification Leads to Excellence in Malaysia

Meeting the Criteria for Halal Certification

When any product has been issued a Halal certification, it will mean that the product is safe in every aspect and this will include consumption. This certification is a process that is necessary for many products. The halal certificate in Malaysia is a stamp and it assures that all products are of the highest quality.


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There is necessary criteria that will need to be met prior to the certification being offered. Some of the items that be meet the criteria are:

*pharmaceutical products

*food items




This Halal certification is a process in which involves a highly credible Islamic organization or a Government-controlled Agency. These agencies will certify that the necessary criteria has been met. This will mean that products may be lawfully consumed. This will only occur when the criteria for these high standards has been met. It is when the criteria has been met the company will receive a Halo certification and their products may be advertised. The Halo symbol will be displayed on their products. The “Halo certified” stamp will let the Muslim customer know that the product is genuine and trustworthy.


Malaysia and the Halal Certification

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Malaysia halal certification stamp

Jakim or otherwise known as the Department of Development Malaysia had launched and introduced the new Halal stamp in the year 2003.

This stamp in now considered to be a standard stamp. It is used by each state in Malaysia. Malaysia is a federation of 13 states. Prior to the introduction of the Malaysia stamp, each individual state used to have their own stamp. If there is a code number on the stamp, this will assure the consumer that Malaysia had issued a Halal certification. The following items are the guidelines that must be met in order for a product to receive the Halal certification in Malaysia. These will include:



*disinfection and intentional practices






How to Obtain a Halal Certification

The Division of Islamic Food & Consumption of Jakim is the place in which individuals may apply for Halal Certification. www.halal.gov is the website to browse for the necessary information when obtaining this Halal certification.


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This is a very trustworthy process that includes the inspections of sites. These inspections are highly beneficial. Every company must abide by a set rules and guidelines. This will ensure that each consumer is provided a safe, clean, and quality product.


The Halal Product


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Halal is an Arabic word. The definition of this means permissible. In regards to food, this Halal product would need to be permissible in accordance to the Islamic law. If a meat is to be certified, then it may not be a forbidden cut. This may include hindquarters. There is much that is involved for Halal certification. The Division of Food & Consumption will know all of the regulations and guidelines that must be adhered to if any product is to become a Halal product.

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