Here’s A Survival Guide For Minimum Wage Earners In Malaysia



Malaysia is a booming nation trailing not far behind of its neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Singapore. Aside from many people from across the globe migrating to Malaysia, it has become a very popular destination for people seeking stable construction jobs. Employment opportunities are abundant and the cost of living is low, making job seekers want to stay in the country for good.


Furthermore, Malaysia’s booming economy and tourism have made the country successful in various facets. The constant arrival of tourists in the country has spurred the establishment of many businesses and even skyscrapers.

However, not everyone lands a high-paying job in Malaysia. For most employees, they receive minimum wages and these include those involved in construction jobs, labor jobs and other low-earning jobs.


Minimum wage in Malaysia refers to the lowest gross wage per month. According to statistics, the average lowest wage ranges from 900 MYR ($221.7) to 2000 MYR ($492.24).


How To Survive In Malaysia With Minimum Wage


Fortunately, Malaysia is one of the countries with a very low cost of living. So, for those earning a little lower than others, there is no much problem in living in Malaysia, at least if you’re frugal enough.


  1. Accommodation


Malaysia is known not only for cheap hotels during vacations but also, affordable accommodation for locals and foreigners alike. Accommodations in cities are more expensive than those in provinces. The price of a room ranges from 800 MYR to about 2,000 MYR per month. However, if you are frugal and wise enough, it would be better to choose just a room with a common toilet and kitchen. In this way, the kitchen utensils and food preparation materials are already provided. You can also share your room with other workers and split the accommodation costs.


  1. Utilities


The utilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia costs about 195 MYR ($47.99) for electricity, heating, water and garbage; and 163 MYR ($40.12) for internet plans.


  1. Food


Sometimes, buying food if you’re just alone in the room is better than cooking it yourself. Aside from saving a lot of time and effort, it’s more convenient and practical. You can buy a decent meal at 10 MYR ($2.46) and water at 1.50 MYR ($0.37).


  1. Transportation


Well, though it’s always easier and cost-free to live near your workplace to save on transportation expenses, some may not find a suitable accommodation. For those who needs to ride transportation vehicles, the rate in Malaysia, specifically, Kuala Lumpur, is quite affordable. For local transport such as trains, a one-way ticket costs 2.5 MYR ($0.62), a monthly pass costs about 100 MYR ($24.66) and a cab start rate is at 3 MYR ($0.74) with an increment of 1.26 MYR ($0.31) every 1 kilometer.


  1. Leisure


Your stay in Malaysia isn’t complete without visiting its famous destinations like temples and its wonderful beaches. It’s always advisable to make sure you allot time and money for a once-a-month relaxation. This will help you rejuvenate and energize before another month of work starts.


Malaysia is a laid-back yet successful country to live in. Its temperature is ideal since it’s situated near the equator. The good part is, living in Malaysia is not as expensive as living in other countries.


That being said, it will help you work and earn at the same time. You can save a lot of money on basic utilities and needs and at the same time, save money for yourself or your family. Minimum wage or not, what’s important is you are working hard to reach your dreams and aspirations. Sooner, with perseverance and determination, you will eventually get there.


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