How Local Malaysian Butchers Create A Unique Cuisine That’s Like No Other.

Malaysian culture is, in many ways, both unique and diversified. Its cuisine reflects the multi-ethical nature of its people. A combination of roughly Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cultures have combined to introduce a unique blend of dishes and flavors that make the Malaysian experience truly authentic. Here are some interesting things about Malaysian cuisine and the local butchers that prepare them that you might not know about.


Freshness Is Paramount

Nothing tastes better than dishes prepared with fresh produce. In making the delicious Malaysian traditional cuisine, people look for the freshest ingredients possible. From farms to the table is highly sought after. Regarding the meat, butchers take pride in getting their produce fresh, and not from any factory farm. They accomplish this by keeping the animals alive until the last possible moment, then swiftly slaughtered, cooked, and prepared within hours, similar to how lobster is prepared in many western countries.


The Use of Modern Equipment

The heat and humidity in Malaysia can have a negative impact in the freshness of meat. Under this circumstances, meat rots extremely fast. To avoid rotting from happening, butchers use modern equipment, such as the latest models of the refrigeration system. And to ensure that the meat is completely safe for consumption, the use of a PH meter in Malaysia is highly widespread. The cuisine may be traditional, but the equipment used in producing the dishes are high tech.


As freshness of product and produce is considered an important staple of the local cuisine, Malaysians food producers pay attention when handling the produce. The challenges that the tropical environment provides can be tackled by the use of many modern equipment. The fresh ingredients play a major part in making the local cuisine authentic, all-natural, and notorious all across the globe.

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