How to Get Fairer Skin When It’s Always Sunny


Living in a sunny climate can be harsh on your skin, bringing out age spots and highlighting any scars and freckles you may have. If nothing else, the sun will make your skin darker. Fortunately, you need not go out of your way to have bright skin.

The first places you may want to look in your quest for fairer skin are your closets and cupboards. Natural remedies can be a great first step even if they don’t quite take you all the way to the results you’re after.

1-LightFull-coverage Clothing

You don’t have to wear shorts and t-shirts just because it’s hot and sunny outside. For example, a long-sleeved, loose-fitting denim shirt in bright colours that reflect the sun’s rays can be a good compromise toward keeping you cool while also protecting your skin. Fill out your wardrobe with these items to keep your skin bright and flawless year-round:


  • Large Sunhats


  • Long-sleeved Shirts


  • Pants or Leggings


  • Floor-length Skirts


Young woman applying exfoliating gel to face, portrait, close-up


Simply sloughing off old, dead skin cells each day can reveal brighter, fairer skin. The following two exfoliants are among the most popular options for those desiring lighter skin tones. Don’t forget to top it off with a body cream to lock in moisture.


  • Lemon Juice Solution


  • Aloe Vera Scrub


Citrus fresh fruit isolated on a white background

Vitamin C

You likely know that oranges, melons, pineapples and papayas are all great for helping you fend off a cold or flu. However, the vitamin C found in these fruits is not only good for eating; while some Malaysians have taken to injecting this nutrient, rest assured that simply rubbing any of these fruits on your skin every day is enough to brighten it over time.

Although a lot of chemicals can be hazardous to your health, the fact remains that using some synthetic skin-care products, such as sunscreen, is still necessary for most people.

MVA_BLOG_DYK2High-SPF Sunscreen

The best sunscreens for keeping your skin bright and white will have a sun protection factor, or SPF, of 50 or more. Look for lotions and sprays that cover the broad spectrum of UVA and UVB light.

Beauty-Daily-Spot-Less-Lightening-CreamWhitening Cream

Most skin lightening creams work by suppressing production of melanin, the dark brown or black genetic material, also called pigment, found in human skin. If you choose to go this route, take care that you don’t use too much of any creams containing mercury, a toxic bleaching agent that can build up in your system and cause both physical and psychological damage.

With the right skin-care routine, you can continue to experience the beauty of the outdoors without seeing the consequences in your bathroom mirror. Don’t wait another day to feel more comfortable in your skin!

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