How to Get Your Bathroom Looking and Smelling As Clean As Possible

One of the areas of your home that needs more attention than the others is the bathroom. An unattended bathroom can become very dirty, smelly and potentially dangerous. A few tips will help to keep your bathroom looking and smelling as clean as possible.

Cleaning RoutineSoak Your Showerheads

Your showerheads can become filled with grime, mineral buildup and bacteria. You want to clean the outside and inside of your showerhead. You can do this by soaking the showerhead in white vinegar for several hours or overnight. Take the showerhead down and put it in a bowl filled with vinegar. Alternately, you could fill a bag with vinegar and tie it over the showerhead if the fixture cannot be taken down.

Get a Squeegee for Vertical Surfaces

The vertical surfaces in your bathroom are the most prominent ones. You want them to look smooth, clean and free from streaks. An easy way to achieve this is by using a good squeegee for those vertical surfaces. A squeegee can be used to quickly clean mirrors, tiled walls, shower curtains and windows. The cleaned surface will be even, clear and devoid of any unattractive debris.

Use the Right Cleaning Equipment on the Floors

You need to take special care with your bathroom floors. Not cleaning them correctly could leave the floors slippery, coated in accumulated film and looking cloudy or stained. You want to use a broom to clear away debris. Mop the floors with a good detergent. It is really a good idea to use commercial cleaning equipment to clean and buff the floors so that there will be no staining. Thoroughly clean your bathroom floors with the right equipment at least once every week.

Bleach Your Grout

The grout between your bathroom tiles can become dirty and filled with harmful bacteria. The bacteria could cause permanent staining over time. The solution is to bleach your grout once every week or two. Take a toothbrush and dip it in pure bleach. Scrub the grout with the bleach until it turns white. Additionally, you should apply a professional sealer to the grout every one to three months.

Pour Baking Soda in Your Toilets

Pour some baking soda in your toilets as soon as you start cleaning your bathrooms. Allow the baking soda to sit for around five to ten minutes. You can then scrub the toilet with a brush and flush away any residual baking soda. This is going to get rid of most stains and odours in your toilet. If stains remain afterwards, then you can usually scrub them away easily using a fine pumice stone.

Take a Minute to Clean A Little Each Day

A final tip is to take a minute to clean a little each day. Do simple things like spraying your shower curtains or walls with a little cleaning fluid. You could pour cleaning powder or baking soda in your sinks and toilets. That one minute a day can make your full cleaning at the end of the week much easier.

The last thing you want is to live in home with bathrooms that are filled with strange odours and stains. Take the time to do a really thorough cleaning of your bathroom at least once every week to ten days. These tips will ensure that you remove all of the grime and bacteria so that your bathroom always looks and smells clean.

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