How to Keep Hyperactive Children Occupied for a Long Time



Keeping your hyperactive child occupied for a long time is indeed a very difficult task especially if you are busy. Burning your hyperactive child’s extra energy is actually an opportunity to discover your child’s inner passion. The only way to do so is to immerse them in different kids’ activities until they find it.


Here are some activities that will surely redirect your children’s excess energy into something fun, creative, and productive:


  • Martial Arts. Most parents have success enrolling their kids in martial arts classes such as judo, karate, and even Wushu. Martial arts let your children focus not just their physical energy but their mental energy as well.


  • Hiking. Let your child go out in nature through hiking. This way, he will be able to learn how to appreciate and respect nature even at a very young age. Also, your child will be moving using large muscle groups, keeping him extremely focused on what he’s doing.


  • Playing an instrument. Learning how to play an instrument is an activity that requires multitasking. It lets your child focus on three different things at the same time – reading notes, playing the instrument, and listening to the sound of the instrument. Also, by becoming a part of an orchestra or a band, they will learn how to work as part of a group.

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  • Swimming. Remember Michael Phelps? He used to be a hyperactive child that was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine. Swimming definitely helped him focus his large amount of energy. This, later on, helped him become one of the most decorated Olympians of all time.


  • Theatre Arts. Theatre is not just about memorizing lines. It’s all about performance. Successful performances require a great deal of energy that is necessary during rehearsals.


  • Jogging/Running. If your kids are not yet ready to become part of a group, you can always jog or run with them. Jogging helps release energy and help them achieve focus.


  • Board Games. Not all people are into physical activities. You can organize fun kids’ activities inside your home by letting them experience board games. You can teach them to play chess, checkers, and other games that require thinking. You can also have fun while teaching them new words by introducing Scrabble, Pictionary, and Boggle. You can also teach them about the value of money by playing Monopoly.


You should always remember that you must also be involved in the process in order to successfully incorporate your hyperactive children into whatever activities you give them.  Avoid giving them gadgets and refrain from allowing them to engage in any kind of activity that will isolate themselves with the rest of your family. With the kidsactivities mentioned above, they will learn the value of friendship and cooperation, and will put their energy into productive use.

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