How to Make Your New Startup Look like A Major Corporation

Consumers today tend to lean towards purchasing from companies that are large and established. This can make it difficult for your startup to gain any headway in the markets. A way to get around this is to give your startup the feeling of a major company. Here are some ways to make your new startup look like a major corporation.


customer service quoteFocus on Customer Service

You need to start by focusing on customer service in all aspects of your startup. A trait of many small and unprofessional startups is that customer service appears to come last. You want to have a customer service policy and infrastructure in place from the moment your business opens up to the public. This will give your startup the feeling of an established large company.


Fully Develop and Use Your Brand

Consistency is key when trying to make your startup feel like a large corporation. Your brand should be the driving force behind many different decisions throughout the business. Fully develop your brand look, message and goals. Utilise your brand to give customers a consistent experience across all interactions with your startup. Take every opportunity to display your brand to customers.


branding quote


Have A Professional Meeting Place

Many startups do not have professional meeting locations. You do not want to have potential clients, business partners or vendors showing up to your home or a worn down storage area. The best idea is to use the meeting rooms for rent found in most serviced office buildings. Those fully furnished meeting rooms will give your business the appearance of a large company that has been operating for years.


meeting room

a professional meeting room


Outsource Key Functions

You need to deliver products and services to your customers consistently just as an established corporation would. Most startups do not have the resources to tackle large tasks in-house. This is when you should outsource key functions to professional logistics providers. Some common functions to outsource are fulfilment and shipping, marketing and payment processing.


Formal and Professional Communication Channels

customer serviceIf customers or potential partners contact your startup, then you want to sound professional at all times. You need to have formal and professional communication channels open from the start. You might want to hire an answering service to accept calls and messages. Consider having a professional handle all communications through email and social media. Formal and professional communications will give your startup the feeling of a large and successful corporation.


Invest In Marketing

The final thing you need is to invest in marketing. You want your startup to stand out and be visible along with the other major companies in the industry. Marketing is the only real way to do this. Market the company aggressively to make certain that consumers, other businesses and vendors will all have some awareness of your startup early on.


invest in marketing


Taking steps to give your new startup the polished appearance and performance of a large company will help to build trust in consumers. Average people will be more willing to buy from your startup if there is perception of professionalism and expertise. These tips will make your startup seem like a major corporation from the beginning.


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