How to Unleash the Full Productivity of Your Office Staff

You want any office that you are managing to have high productivity levels. Reaching that goal requires work, planning and being involved within the office. Some very basic things could be restricting just how productive your employees can be. You have to address all the parts of your office that are working against the business. Here are some ways to unleash the full productivity of your office staff.


Maintain a Very Clean Office

A simple step you must take is to maintain a very clean office. You should have organised storage space for everything from printed records to common office supplies.


clean office


Do not allow the office to become a cluttered collection of boxes and equipment. This is important because your employees will be very unproductive if a large part of the day is spent sorting through a messy office.


salesPost Goals and Progress Somewhere Visible

You want employees to feel as if they are contributing to the larger success of the business while working. A good way to do this is to post goals and progress figures in a place where everyone can see them. The goal could be selling a certain amount, lowering turn times or increasing transactions per hour. Employees will work harder if they can see that every bit of work is making a difference.


Ensure Employees Have Access to Needed Space and Tools

Something that can stop employees from being productive is an office that is lacking the basic tools needed to do the job. You want to ensure your office has the infrastructure, equipment and support needed for employees to work efficiently. A good option is moving into a serviced office that is already fully stocked to support a business. The spacious, streamlined office space will allow employees to work as quickly as possible without hindrances.


office incentivesOffer Incentives for Excellent Performance

You should offer incentives for excellent performance in the office. You want to look at the performance of all employees in the office and reward people who are exceeding expectations. You can also provide incentives for employees to improve over time. The incentives could be gift cards, time off or prize items. Incentive programs can drive even the most reluctant employees towards higher productivity.


employees disputeResolve Employee Disputes Immediately

Disputes between employees are going to occur. If employees are fighting, then productivity will go down. Workers might start to feel less motivated or could become distracted by the politics of the conflict. This is why you need to resolve employee disputes immediately. If you notice or hear about problems, then take the employees aside and figure out a solution. This is going to keep your office running smoothly so that productivity is as high as possible.


Productivity has to be a top concern when managing your office. You want to observe the office, review workflows and assess employee data on a regular basis. Think about new and innovative ways to do things more simply. There is almost always some room for improvement. Taking these steps will improve the productivity of your office staff.

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