The Industrial Automation Company In Malaysia That Provides Customization Services

Established in 2003, Invenpro is a premier industrial automation company with highly passionate and innovative professional engineers that have a keen eye for details. It’s a team dedicated to developing a wide range of sustainable solutions that will improve efficiency and profitability in the manufacturing sectors, such as biotech, data storage, food, and related industries.

Whether it’s the precision cleaning systems, life science equipment or implementation of automated systems, Invenpro got manufacturing companies covered. What’s more, the engineers provide total customization services for all the products offered, helping identify and create a unique selling proposition (USP) for you.

With their wealth of experience in this fast-paced technical environment, they can easily integrate different process and features with innovative customizations to meet the unique requirements of every organization.

Quadrants For Product Customization

Innovative customization typically requires proper planning. The amount of customization required will take into account the following 4 quadrants:

  • Lead time

    Lead time plays an essential role in any successful enterprise. In this fast-paced and ever-changing manufacturing industry, it’s not recommended to rely on a single module for everything. This can have some detrimental effects on an organization, such as hindering operations and productivity.

    The specialized engineering design and development team at Invenpro can simplify the manufacturing process and help with the implementation of a state-of-the-art modular approach to reduce lead time.

    With reduced development time, an organization will not only enjoy flexibility during rapid shifts experienced in the market but also meet deadlines consistently and easily. Also, it will be able to outpace competitors with faster, more efficient output.

  • Innovative features

    Every organization strives to make the production process safe and secure with minimal downtime possible. Investing in innovative features that comply with the industry’s generally accepted standards is the best course of action to solve these, as well as other manufacturing challenges. And this is where the team thrives on.

    They will try their best to give a solution. Just let them know your thoughts and they’ll step up to the responsibility of materializing them. If they can transform that idea into a drawing, then they can help customize products with the desired innovative features.

  • Equipment footprint

    Physical space required by the machines doesn’t have to be a major concern for companies with limited spaces. Onboard the best industrial automation company in Malaysia (Invenpro) has some of the world’s best engineers that can provide compact designed machines with the ultimate innovative precision. All that’s needed is the correct specification of an organization’s space.

  • Cost optimization

    Engineers understand that organizations want to drive spending and cost reduction, whilst maximizing value. Invenpro’s world-class products, for example, ultrasonic cleaning systems, are designed with in-built, patented features that can go a long way in reducing the common costly manufacturing errors – resulting in an increase in profitability over time.

    The engineering design and development team at Invenpro will go above and beyond to offer additional features, which boost a company’s cost optimization efforts and improve its return on investment (ROI).

Customizing products with innovative features can greatly improve productivity, profitability and allow organizations to do what they couldn’t do all this time. Organizations looking for the best industrial automation company in Malaysia can’t go wrong with Invenpro.

The best industrial automation company in Malaysia

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