Job Vacancies In Melaka: Find Your Dream Job


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Melaka is a local and tourist’s dream to explore the history and culture of the area. Thousands of Malaysians are looking to move to Melaka because of the easy going lifestyle and beautiful, historical places they will be surrounded by. However, a lot of young Malaysians are unsure where to find job vacancies in Melaka. To aid you in your search, here are five industries to check out and explore possible careers so that you can begin your dream job.



Melaka was a strategic location and a center of spice trade 500 years ago. Today, Melaka remains the center of agriculture and agri-tourism. Plantations and agri-manufacturers are spread all over Melaka producing everything from fruits to palm. Jobs available are not just technical roles, but project managers and sales executives.



Hotels, restaurants, buildings and factories are being built by the second to cater to the growing tourism industry. Construction companies are not only growing larger in number but size as well. Roles in construction companies range from contractors, supervisors, and project officers.



The number one industry in Melaka in travel. With more than 15 million local and international tourists who head to Melaka yearly, there are many opportunities in the Melaka tourism industry. Whether you’re looking to work at historical sites of modern complexes like the ASEAN Cultural parks, companies need new employees who can cater to customers and manage projects.



With a lot of lands available, Melaka is a prime spot for manufacturing and is home to countless factories producing everything from food to electronics. As investments in the Melaka manufacturing industry are growing, manufacturing companies are looking for specialist and engineers to grow with them.



The hospitality is one of the booming industries with tourists coming in by the millions. Countless hotels, shopping complexes, and restaurants are going into construction to make the most of the buzz surrounding Melaka. Jobs range from managers to guest relations officers.


As Melaka’s economy is growing, a slew of different jobs is created amongst these five industries for anyone looking for their dream job. Enjoy not only a new career but a more fulfilled life in the World Heritage City of Melaka.

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