Looking for a Job in Melaka? Take your chance in these 5 growing industries!

Dubbed a World Heritage city, Melaka’s city center was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008 and is a local and tourist’s dream to explore its history and culture. Not only is Melaka a tourist haven, but it has also become a state many Malaysians are looking to move to. While a lot of Malaysians are unsure where to look for jobs, here are five industries with a sure job vacancy in Melaka if you’re planning a new career or to grow in Melaka.


  1. Travel

With more than 15 million local and foreign tourists who come to Melaka every year, there are major opportunities for a flourishing career in the Melaka travel industry. Melaka is not only home to historical sites like A’Famosa Fort, but also modern complexes like the ASEAN Cultural Park. Travel agencies, entertainment complexes, and transportation companies are always in need of new employees.

  1. Hospitality

With the influx of tourists in Melaka, the hospitality industry is constantly growing. The number of hotels, shopping complexes, and restaurants is booming, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the growth. There are numerous jobs available in the hospitality industry ranging from guest relation officers to restaurant managers.


  1. Manufacturing

A primary spot for manufacturing, Melaka has been home to factories producing everything from food, machinery, electronics among many others products. With investment in the Melaka manufacturing industry pouring in, many jobs are being created with companies looking for specialists and engineers to fill these roles.

  1. Agriculture

Since 500 years ago, Melaka has been a strategic location as a center for the spice trade. Melaka has a growing agriculture and agri-tourism industry. With plantations all over Melaka growing everything from fruits to palm, the agriculture industry seeks not only those who are good on the field, but project managers and sales executives to distribute the yield.

  1. Construction

With the growing number of projects that need construction ranging from hotels, restaurants, buildings and factories, the construction industry in Melaka is getting bigger. Roles companies are looking for include contractors, foremen and project officers.

With a slew of different types of jobs across these five industries, searching for jobs in Melaka will be a piece of cake. Enjoy not only a new career, but a new way of life in this World Heritage City.

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