Muslim Travel Doesn’t Have to be Boring: Tips to Spice Up Your Trips


Traveling in the Muslim world does not have to be boring because there are many places to go that will intrigue you intensely. You will find many places around the world that have amazing Muslim artifacts, and you will find even more places that contain Islamic museums. Your adventures in the land of Islam will take you from the open deserts of Arabia to the Malay Peninsula and even Indonesia. Islam has spread all over the world over the years, and you’ll need to take your time to collect tons of Halal tourism information before you set off.

Fret not. You can still research for the best Muslim travel destinations. On top of that, we have some good recommendations for too:

The Deserts Of Arabia

The deserts of Arabia and other parts of the Middle East have amazing Islamic artifacts and holy sites that you can visit. You can go to the holy sites at any time to take in all the history that is contained therein, and you will find many other places that are going to give you an insight into the Islamic culture. Your visits to these areas will avail you of pilgrimages, and you will meet people who live in the holiest of lands in the world. You can move to the west as you travel through these deserts, and you will end up in Jerusalem where the most holy sites of all of these religions converge.

The Malay Peninsula

The Malay Peninsula became a stronghold of the Muslim religion, and the people who live in this area practice their own form of Islam. They live in the heavy forests of the peninsula, but they are lovely people who love having visitors in their nation. You will be amazed by the lovely sites, and you will be able to take in all the sites that are so interesting to you and your family.

The Islands

You can move down into Indonesia to see a new culture that is much different from the original place where the religion was founded. The religion was sent to the islands by traders, and there are millions of people in Indonesia who practice Islam to this day. You can visit the holy sites and shrines in the country that are an homage to what would be found in Arabia.

North Africa

You will find many Muslim sites and artifacts in North Africa when you travel from the Arabian Peninsula onto the mainland continent. The mainland of Africa is an interesting place that gives you another insight into the spread of Islam. There are many holy sites in North Africa that are unique to Africa, and you will find whole cities that were established thousands of years ago by Muslims. Some of the great libraries in the world were located in North Africa, and Muslims ran these libraries to hold all the knowledge that the world had amassed.

Traveling the world in search of Islam is easy when you are traveling to many different locations. There are places all over the world that will welcome you with open arms, and you will learn a lot about how the Muslim religion was founded.


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