Must see in Port Dickson Malaysia during Your Next Visit


Port Dickson is the closest seaside refuge near the Malaysian capital. People often come here for beach holidays, casual shopping and relaxing trips. What make the area more popular are its sought-after restaurant scene, lovely coastline and unique attractions that you mayn’t find elsewhere. Visitors planning to visit Port Dickson for some sun, sand and surf can always take some time out to explore these must-see attractions here.

Port Dickson is home to some beautiful beaches, including the secluded Blue Lagoon Beach. If travelers don’t prefer to stay in the urban hotels, they can always choose those quaint beachside bungalows and villa rentals for their stay. This area also features many opulent Port Dickson hotel choices. Plus, you will experience the tranquility and seclusion of the Blue Lagoon Beach. Near the beach, there is the Tanjung Tuan Wildlife Reserve that offers myriads of sightseeing and wildlife sighting opportunities. Those looking for a family-friendly beach can also find this beach very convenient because of its low-tide.
Firefly Sanctuary

Visiting this sanctuary will be a great experience for many. Here, visitors will see hundreds of those illuminating little insects in their naturally simulated habitat. The sanctuary features two species of fireflies: Smoky Mountain Firefly and another native species. It is highly recommended to stay till the dusk, because you will get the glimpse of the unique light show by these tiny little insects. Another tour offered here is the wildlife sighting tour along the river. During the tour, you may spot crocodiles, tropical birds, otters and Dusky Leaf primates.

c1_upPort Dickson Waterfront

The upscale Port Dickson Waterfront is growing popular as a tourist attraction in the recent time. This waterfront promenade features a posh neighbourhood, chains of popular stores, restaurants and entertainment hubs. Also, the area offers a number of recreational parks where guests can enjoy picnicking, flying kites and many other outdoor activities.
Ostrich Farm 2
The Ostrich Farm

At the Port Dickson Ostrich Farm, visitors can enjoy some interesting activities like an ostrich ride. This little farm is a well-maintained habitat with many ostriches. The farm has large open paddocks, fields and a separate feeding station for the large birds. Adventurous individuals are welcome to ride the ostriches for an once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are tropical birds, pheasants, and even peacocks in this farm. The farm also houses some domestic animals and a number of monkey species. Plus, there is an onsite restaurant that serves fresh meals and meat dishes.
Wan Loong Temple

The Wan Loong Temple is an excellent example of the oriental architecture. This beautiful temple features local god and goddess, and a few oriental deities. The temple features stone walls, magnificent artwork, sculptures in bright red, gold and green and an impressive altar. Because the temple stands atop a hilly terrain, it is easily visible from the Port Dickson Coastal Road. The temple site also features a beautifully manicured garden with a pond with many fish species and a few tortoises. Visitors will be happy to know that there is no admission fee to enter this temple premise.


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