Neat and Tidy in Time for New Year – 10 Things to Toss Out Before 2017



With the New Year come new beginnings. But unless you’re ready to let go of all that old junk lying around your home, you might not experience much of a difference. To greet 2017, why not clear out your space for a fresh, positive, and clutter-free start to what just might be the best year of your life? Clear out the mess, get rid of old clutter, and ring in the New Year all neat and tidy by tossing out these 10 things.








  1. Receipts and Tags

Most, if not all, of us have a collection of random receipts and tags lying around in a myriad of places in our homes. Whatever the reason behind that incessant need to hoard proofs of purchase, it’s high time to let the habit die. Sift through your receipts and keep those that you need for potential returns. All the rest can go in the bin.








  1. Charges and Cables Without a Device

That tangled conglomeration of cables, cords, and charges must have come from somewhere. But all too often, the device they used to bring to life no longer even exists in your home. Get rid of unused, faulty, and cluttered wires and chargers by bringing them to the nearest recycling center.








  1. Old Beauty and Self-Care Products

If it hasn’t been touched or used in the past year, it doesn’t deserve a place on your bathroom counter. Toss out the old products and save yourself the counter space.








  1. Broken Accessories and Jewellery

Did you know that there are actually people and services that will gladly pay you a pretty penny to buy old, broken, real jewellery off your hands? Find a dealer and make a buck out of the old by selling your ruined pieces.










  1. Dried Out Pens

You’ve probably got a lot on your desk. Test out all your pens and throw out the ones that just don’t make a mark anymore.








  1. Appliance Boxes

That giant box you got from your flat screen TV might still be sitting in your storage room all because you thought you might find a use for it. Sadly, that odd shape won’t be able to hold much other than the TV that was originally in it. Throw it out and buy corrugated boxes instead to suit your purpose.








  1. Shabby Pillows

No wonder you’ve been having uncomfortably sleepless nights all year round. Buy yourself a set of new pillows and throw away old ones that have lost their fluff.








  1. Ratty Towels

Holes, matted patches, and loose threads dangling all over? Time to get rid of those ratty old towels in exchange for some beautiful and thick brand new buys.








  1. Outdated Magazines

Unless you’re keeping them as part of a collection, any magazines that aren’t at least 2015 don’t deserve a place on the stack.








  1. Out-of-Style Clothing

Stop holding on to that 90’s baby tee hoping you might be able to squeeze into it again. Update your wardrobe and make room for new additions by clearing out old clothing.



Are you ready to greet the New Year? Give yourself a clean slate and a fresh start by tossing out these unnecessary items you might have lying around your home for a clutter-free 2017.

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