Popular Online Games in SEA to Check Out

Online games are one of the most popular pastimes around the world, and SEA is no exception. With plethora of games to choose from, gamers have so many options for what to play that they’ll never get bored. SEA Gamer Mall has several of the most popular titles for players to try.
1. Clash of Clans
“Build your village, train your troops, and go to battle!” Clash of Clan’s tagline seems simple enough, but it’s one of the most popular mobile titles in the world. With millions of players in Asia alone, Clash of Clans is one of most popular Malaysia online games. With an array of troop choices, spells, and base defenses, Clash of Clans takes the standard base-building mechanic and crosses it with a sort of asymmetric tower defense that’s proven to be addicting.


2. Heroes of the Storm
When Blizzard wants to produce a MOBA, they do everything right. Heroes of the Storm is almost as popular as League of Legends and Dota 2, but offers a more simplistic play style. While the same fast reflexes and teamwork are required to win in Heroes of the Storm, the lack of items means the game has a much more simplistic play style than its two competitors, which makes it more appealing to those who aren’t quite professional-level players.


3. AION Online
This several-year-old MMORPG is still popular today. More classes are being introduced all the time, and the 4.0 update was just released which introduced Songweaver and Gunslinger classes. While lacking the large fanbase WOW has, AION has a group of steady but dedicated players who are always happy to see a new player take up the game. Since it’s gone free to play, AION is accessible to anyone — no monthly payment required.


4. Runescape
The original MMORPG, Runescape is just as popular in certain corners of the world as it ever was. Although this classic title isn’t as popular as many others on this list, the updated graphics, rabid fanbase, and endless number of activities make it a great game to pick up and play, especially if someone is looking to try something new.


5. Archeage Online
While most MMOs focus on the PvE aspect of the game, ArcheAge takes things in a new direction with a built in, almost-default PvP aspect. While there are plenty of environmental quests to take on and big, bad NPCs to fight, players get the most fun out of fighting each other for territory. With the ability to establish a home base in the form of a house, players are constantly at war for the best locations. This adds a sense of urgency to the game that others lack.


SEA Gamer Mall has all of these titles, as well as many more. If gamers are looking for something new to keep them entertained, they need look no farther. A quick download and minimal payment later, and they’ll be entertained for hours to come.

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