Practical Tips Before Making That Career Change


Are you stuck in a rut and not happy with your current job? You might have have been thinking about applying for a new job and even changing careers. If you are considering a career shift, see the practical tips below before you make that big leap.hero

  1. Think it through Before passing your resume to different companies and leaving your current job, you should first do some soul searching. Is it just the current company that you are working for? Do you feel like you are not given enough credit especially when it is due? Is it the working environment that you are relegated to? Bear in mind that a career shift is different from looking for another company to work for with the same job description.mentors
  2. Ask for advice from professionals from the field that you want to shift to. You may or you may not know people working in the field that you would want to engage in. However, making contacts will be a big boost for anyone who is starting out. If you have friends, ask them what their trials were before they got to where they are now. If you do not know anyone who is in that industry, try to befriend one of those who you look up to.
  3. Try your hand in the field. It might be for an internship or even just a day shadowing one of your friends or bosses. This will give you a feel of what it is like to work in the industry. Pay special attention when they encounter problems during the job, and learn as much as you can about solving those issues.consider-the-consequences
  4. Consider the consequences. If you do decide to leave your current position, ask yourself if you can afford it. Not only in the financial sense but also in the emotional sense. Once again, you have to begin from the bottom. Can you take this? There are also those who venture on an alternative career as a part-time work to support their passions, you might also want to consider this.go-for-it
  5. Go for it. If you are really ready for that career shift, then what are you waiting for. Search for a vacancy in KL, send out fillers to companies, and if lady luck comes your way, you will have your dream job in no time.

Good luck on the job interviews that will come your way. Remember that hard work and passion equate success. There is no free pass to the top. Once you have clinched that new job in a brand new field, it is up to you to work your way up.

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