EasyStore.my – Ecommerce Shopping Cart Malaysia

EasyStore.my – Ecommerce Shopping Cart Malaysia

The Exabytes Group offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution to help you launch your business into online fame and fortune. Easy.my gives us the easy 3 simple steps that will propel you towards achieving your e-Commerce dream!

Step 1: Create Your Online Store
Choose a most short and simple domain name for your web store. It is the identity of your online business. In today’s digital era, it is more likely for customers to remember your website name easily with a simple & meaningful wording. With Easy.my’s smart content management system, you can make any changes to your e-Store without programming skills! Its user-friendly ease of set-up is both time and cost-effective.

Step 2: Promote Your E-Business
Marketing is vital: Invest in Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies! Think search engine optimization, Google AdWords Ads, personalized email marketing, affiliates programmes, advertisements and more! The more channels you apply, the more traffics you get!

Without a good marketing strategy and the necessary tools, you’re essentially building your e-Store on an isolated island. Out of sight, out of mind!

Step 3: Install Online Payment Options
Let your customers always enjoy great shopping spree! Choose the best online payment options make a world of difference: Nothing says successful e-Store better than a fuss-free, user-friendly check out system.

Always keep true to your promises, especially online virtual shopping environment, Easy.My stresses the importance of promising customers only what you can deliver, and ensuring a timely delivery!






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November 12, 2014

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