Simple, Stress-Free Packing Tips When Moving House

Father and son stacking boxes in house


Are you moving to a new place? Don’t let your move stress you out. Packing your things can be challenging as you don’t want any damages on them, but it can be made easier.

Check out these simple and stress-free tips on packing when you’re moving:



  1. Pre-packing to-dos

Before you start packing your belongings, make sure you have all the things you need to pack them, such as EPE foams, boxes, coloured labels or tags, and item lists for each room in your new place. Each room should have its own box where the right items go. Label or tag the boxes with different colours to easily keep track of your items. Make a list of the things for each room before you pack them. The list serves as a guideline in case something goes missing.





  1. Packing for fragile items

Use EPE foams for packing fragile items, such as vases or porcelain tea sets. EPE foams can be purchased at craft stores and bookstores (check the stationery department). You can either wrap your things with EPE foams or use other alternatives like bubble wraps, newspapers or old cloths. When placing your fragile belongings in a box, make sure you don’t put them on top of each other to minimise possible damage. You can also place EPE foams on every corner of the box inside for extra protection.





  1. Packing for furniture and electronics

Since furniture is heavy, it’s best if you take it apart before moving, and keep the pieces in a large box. Do the same thing with your electronic goods. Make sure you can reassemble them all by keeping an instruction booklet in handy (or take photos and use them as a guide when you’re putting the pieces back together). To keep track of cables, cords and hardware, label them with individual boxes or plastic bags.



Young couple unpacking in their new home

  1. Post-packing to-dos

At your new place, start by doing an inventory check. Make sure all the boxes are placed in the right room before you reassemble everything. If something’s missing, you’ll find out easily.



The DIY moving tips mentioned serve to be a cost-effective way of moving house, as you can do them on your own without hiring someone to do everything for you. All you need to spend on is a moving truck, and possibly some people to help move your things if you’re unable to do it yourself.

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