Skincare in a Nutshell: What You Need to Know


Girl (7-9) having sun cream applied to nose

Whether you’re starting out or already have a skincare regime, it’s crucial to know not only what you put on, but also when and how to apply skincare. This can make all the difference between breakouts or soft, glowing skin. Below are some top tips that cover the most general skincare topics:


  1. In what order should I put on skincare products?

The rule of thumb is to follow these steps:

–           Cleanse: making sure your skin is clear will get rid of clogged pores and prevent problems such as breakouts.

–           Exfoliate: do this 1 – 3 times a week, depending on your needs and the strength of the exfoliator.

–           Tone: keeps your skin’s PH balanced, and some brands like Etude house have multi-function toners!

–           Moisturize: oil and moisture aren’t the same thing—even if your skin is oily, use a moisturizer made in mind for your type of skin, such as Sébium Hydra from Bioderma.

–           Protect: use sunscreen or products with SPF, especially if you have outdoor activities.


  1. How do I know which products will suit my skin best?

Your type of skin will be the most determining factor. If you have oily skin, stay away from overly-nourishing products. If you have sensitive skin, use products from known brands such as Bioderma and Sebamed that are known for their sensitive skin-friendly products. Knowing what you’re allergic to is also something important. Consider consulting a dermatologist if you have continuous skin problems.


  1. What other splurges would be good for my skin, and when should I use them?

–           Masks: 1 – 2 times a week, make sure to follow instructions closely.

–           Eye treatments: eyes have the most sensitive skin on the face and need special products to accommodate its needs.


  1. Any other things I need to know?

–           If you find that one brand works well for you, it’s better to stick to it rather than risk having multiple skincare items from different brands. This is because when a brand releases a specific collection, like what KIEHL’s or The Body Shop does, they make sure the chemicals in the products don’t go against each other.

–           Use the proper items for their proper use. The face’s skin is much more sensitive compared to the rest of the body, and that’s why it needs its own skincare regime.


If you follow these tips, your skin will be all the more thankful!


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