Sticking to a Savings Plan – 4 Ways to Monitor, Manage, and Multiply Your Finances


Whether you’re navigating the adult world as a single professional or as a working married man or woman with kids, saving is likely at the top of your list of goals. That’s because your future financial security and the comfort of your family depend on how well you’re able to set aside funds. While money is hard to earn, it’s easy to spend, so you may have found that sticking to your savings plan hasn’t worked out so far. If you’re wondering what you can do to maximize your finances and grow your savings account, these 4 tips should start you off on the right foot.1

  1. Explore Interest Schemes – Lots of people tend to look over the interest earning options offered by banks when clients open accounts. But there’s a great deal you could be missing out on if you skip the fine print. Interest basically means the money you put in your account will earn a certain percent depending on the amount inside, which ultimately means you can grow your money simply by setting it aside. A savings account with higher interest rates means you can earn more over time for the money you put in.2
  2. Be Specific – Often, people tend to set vague goals that are difficult to stick to. Simply saying “save more” could mean saving just some spare change every month, and that won’t do much for your goals. Learning to set specific goals will help you set aside more substantial amounts that will bring you closer to your objectives. For instance, telling yourself to set aside $20 every week will make it clear what you can and can’t spend from the money you currently have.3
  3. Understand Your Overhead – Your life has overhead expenses, and these are costs that you pay for to keep all the aspects of your life in proper working order. For instance, food, bills, groceries, rent, and any amortization for loans that you might be paying for on a monthly, are just some of the things you need to spend on to make sure your daily life is comfortable. At the start of the new month, try to track the items you buy and see how often you need to purchase them. Shampoo, for example, might have to be bought once every two weeks. By doing this for all of your overhead, you will come up with a ballpark figure of your budget for daily expenses, and how much you can actually set aside after every pay check.4
  4. Spend in Cash – It’s easy to spend more when using a credit card. That’s because while you might have an idea how much you have in your account, you could end up spending more than your designated budget as long as the transaction pushes through with every swipe. When you spend in cash, you have an exact idea of how much you can spend, so you end up tailoring your choices based on what you have on hand. Before you go out for shopping, be sure to withdraw cash instead and set your card aside to limit your spending.

No doubt, it’s hard to meet savings goals. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Try these 4 tips and see how well you can meet your financial objectives for future security.

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