Studying In Malaysia: Why This Country Is Southeast Asia’s Hidden Gem



For those who agree that Asia may become one of the most developed and successful continents in the world, you might be right. With many of the countries adapting a new way of life and embracing new trends in technological advancements, the continent has so much to offer not only its locals but also, individuals from other countries.


Malaysia has been one of the most overlooked countries in Asia. However, over the past few years, the country has gained international attention in terms of the quality of life it offers without breaking the bank.


In fact, a lot of students from various countries move to study and eventually, land a good job in Malaysia. There are many Malaysian international schools that cater to the individual needs of their students, especially the ones who came from other countries. Malaysia is a great place for expat children to study in because of several factors.


Quality Education


Many international and public schools predominantly use English as a mode of instruction, making it easier for foreign students to study and communicate. They can communicate not only in classrooms, but also around the whole country.


Malaysia conforms to the standards imposed by international bodies in terms of the curriculum and mode of instruction in its international schools. These schools provide not only the highest quality of education, but also, a second home for foreign students.


Cultural Diversity


Malaysia, though an Asian country, offers a wide array of offerings for most people from all over the world. This is because its culture is diversified and unique. The vast culture in Malaysia makes it possible for many individuals to feel at home, and sometimes, they fall in love with the country. Eventually, they decide to reside in Malaysia for good.




Malaysian people are popular because of their hospitality and friendliness. Malaysia is one of the nations across the globe who open their arms and hearts to foreign visitors.


Cost Of Living


Believe it or not, the cost of living is relatively low in Malaysia, compared to other Asian countries. The accommodations, food, transportation and other expenses are inexpensive, making people from western regions enjoy their money freely without worrying about spending too much.


Scenic Views


Asia is known for its exotic and amazing views and beaches. Well, Malaysia won’t let you down. It boasts a lot of wonderful scenic views as well as white sand beaches, ancient temples and untouched rainforests. All these can be enjoyed while either studying or earning a living in Malaysia.


Malaysia offers a lot of perks for its own constituents and foreigners or expats who plans to live in this wonderful country. Aside from quality education, this country also offers a cheaper cost of living, friendly locals, wonderful tourist destinations and authentic Asian delicacies. It’s a perfect country to live in for good.


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