The 6 Hottest Furniture Trends In 2017 You Should Incorporate In Your Home



With 2017 around the corner, perhaps now is the best time for you to do a home makeover for a fresh start. If you’re bored and uninspired by how dull-looking your humble abode is, check out these six hottest furniture trends in 2017 that you should incorporate to upgrade your home:





  1. Modern Vintage-Looking Furniture Modern vintage-looking furniture are all the rage right now


Furniture pieces in this trending category include office chairs and coffee tables made of burled wood with contemporary materials or textures. Check coffee tables online that have a modern look with vintage hints if you want your home to look retro.








  1. Mixed Metals Mixed metal furniture includes pieces made of gold, brass, polished silver and nickel, and new metal finish, like white plaster

Look out for chairs and beds with such finishing. This trend might be suitable if you’re going for the minimalist theme, since such furniture feature a neat and simple look.








  1. Upholstered headboards Beds with upholstered headboards can be fantastic, especially if you aim for a luxury feel for your bedroom

Not only does the headboard add a luxury touch to your room, it also doubles up as a comfortable back rest, as you read or watch TV before sleeping.








  1. Stainless Steel Any polished stainless steel furniture can boost the contemporary feel to your home

For 2017, the trending color for stainless steel furniture is black. Black stainless steel gives a very sophisticated, sleek, and modern appearance to any space or room in your house. The best places for black stainless steel pieces are laundry room and kitchen.








  1. Lucite To give your home a futuristic look, opt for Lucite furniture

The characteristic of a Lucite furniture is that it has little to no visual weight, making the room or space appear less crammed. This would be the perfect choice if you dislike seeing too many colors in one room or space.








  1. Natural texture Any natural texture, like abaca, rattan, or cane, can be aesthetically pleasing, particularly for those who love everything nature

Whether you’re getting a naturally-textured beds, tables, chairs, or cabinets; they give off an instant calming, zen-like vibe to any room or space.



Be bold and experimental with a variety of home decor styles and trends. If you’ve got extra money to spend, hire a professional interior designer to makeover your home. Alternatively, you can download interior design or home decor apps that let you determine which styles and trends would look best for your home based on your taste.

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