The Best Road Advice for a Cyclist

cyclingWhether you are young, or an old person, cycling has been found to be an excellent way to commute while enjoying the outdoors. When cycling is done regularly, it provides the heart and the body’s circulatory system with a natural workout and throughout the process the human body can burn more than 500 calories in an hour.

New technology such as hybrid bikes that are capable of combining road bikes speed with the ruggedness of mountain bikes has made cycling much easier and comfortable. Hybrid bikes come with different cycling options suitable for an individual’s cycling needs. Improving your cycling performance is vital when cycling, and several tips can assist regular cyclists to enhance their performance, safety, and comfort levels.


Always use a Helmet

Each year very many cyclists seek emergency care as a result of head injuries. Today, head trauma accounts for a significant number of cycling fatalities. Bike helmets when properly used have been found to be very protective in preventing head related injuries. It is advisable to go for helmets that are certified by regulatory bodies. These helmets are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly with the head layout.


bike helmet


Ensure the bike Frame fits with your Body

It is advisable to go for a bike that perfectly fits with your body type. A proper bike can be evaluated by ensuring that there is a maximum of two inches gap between the groin and the top tube. It is also recommended that the handlebars should be an inch lower than the top seat. It is recommended that you should purchase the bike from an authorized dealer acquainted with the bike business.

Tips on choosing the suitable bike frame


Get the right type of Seat


bike seat

Different types of seats


Ensure that you are always comfortable while sitting on the bike. In case you are uncomfortably seated, you can acquire anatomically designed saddles that ease pressure and friction at the “sit bones”. The seat should be positioned in a manner that the knee gets slightly bent at the bottom during each peddling cycle.


Dress appropriately

In case you are a cycling enthusiast, it is advisable to wear a pair of cycling shorts. Such clothing has less fabric to wrinkle up on the body to cause less irritation during cycling activities. It is also advisable to use the recommended cycling shoes that come with interlocking mechanisms to fasten themselves into the pedals hence firmly holding the shoes in place. You should also use reflector jackets to warn oncoming traffic that there is somebody on the road. Reflector jackets are vital, especially during low-light conditions.


reflective jacket

Effect of reflective jacket


Adherence to Safety Features

It is also advisable to install key safety accessories such as a strong headlamp and a red tail light. These features assist other road users to notice you early in the morning, or late in the night. The braking system should be regularly serviced, and other accessories that are vital towards the cyclist safety such as tire grip should also be regularly checked for quality. Ensure the moving parts are properly oiled, and the gears are functioning effectively.


bike headlamp red tail light


Bike accessories can be obtained from dealer shops, and the servicing can also be conducted from authorized bike distributors familiar with the mechanical functioning of specific bikes. It is also possible to see bike discounts here.

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