The Ultimate Cyclist’s Guide on Bicycle Gear and Accessories for Urban and Outdoor Settings


Planning on cycling through the city, or taking your new bike for a spin out on your favorite nature track? Be sure to stay safe and prepared for whatever your route might bring by reading through this ultimate guide on bike gear and accessories.





Expect the Worst Outdoors


Damage to your bike can be made much worse if you don’t have the right tools or materials to help you patch things up to get you and your wheels to safety. The typical repair kit should include a multi tool, a portable pump, a patch kit, and tire irons. You might also want to pack some lube to keep your chains in good condition especially when in outdoors. Not enough space in your backpack? Consider attaching a saddle bag to your bike to carry all your necessities.






Be Safe in the City


If you plan to cycle through the city streets, be sure your bike is equipped with the necessary accessories to help keep you safe in the urban setting. Side mirrors will allow you to see around you without having to turn your head too much, while lights and reflective stickers make it easier for others on the road to spot you. It also pays to have a good bike chain and lock in handy, for when you plan to park your wheels in the city. If you’re riding your bike to work and you want to avoid stains on your pants, you can install a mudguard along the bottom of your bike to deflect any splashing puddles and dirt.






Wear the Right Gear


Whether cycling through the city or through the great outdoors, your clothes will greatly impact your comfort and safety. As a general rule, riders are supposed to wear helmets at all times to prevent any major injuries and trauma to the head in case of a collision. Buying a helmet from one of the best brands for bike accessories is a worthy investment, so don’t be afraid to splurge on this particular item. Tight, stretchy clothes are most comfortable and are ideal for preventing branches or hooks from snagging on to you. Gloves allow proper grip on the handles and keep hands protected from road rash and other injuries in case of a crash. Protective eye wear prevents bugs, dirt, and other small particles in the air from irritating the eyes while riding.

Remember to make a list of these items the next time you schedule a bike ride. These essentials won’t only keep you comfortable all throughout the trip, but they’ll also prove to provide just the right protection to keep you safe and free from injuries whenever you take your wheels for a spin.

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