Thoughtful and Caring Last-Minute Gifts Bought Online


It can be tough to find the perfect gift for some of the people in your life. A generic gift card is often the easiest way to give a present, but it often shows a lack of thoughtfulness. If you purchase a specific card, the receiver will be delighted.


iTunes Gift Cards 

An easy present for any music lover is an iTunes gift card. You can purchase them in any denomination, and they can be used in the iTunes store for music. If you know someone who loves books or apps, this is a perfect gift for them as well. The iTunes card can be used in any app, iBooks or Mac store. They can also be used towards a music membership with Apple. These make great last minute gifts because you can email them to the recipient. You can choose a theme and a message to include with the card.


Google Play 

A Google Play card can be used to purchase apps, movies and television shows, music, books and magazines. If you know someone who is constantly on their electronic device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, the Google Play gift card will be a welcome present. If your teenager has been complaining that all the apps they want cost money, you can gift them any dollar amount that will make them happy. If they are inside playing a game, they are not out getting into trouble either. It’s a winning combination for a parent who worries about their teenager. The gift cards make a great gift for distant relatives too. You don’t have to worry about how long a last-minute gift will take to get to the person. An electronic gift card is instantly available.


Skype Credit 

Another thoughtful gift card for someone who lives a distance from you is Skype credit. Most Skype features are free, but there are some that are not free. Credit from Skype can be used to make phone calls through the software to landlines and mobile phones around the world. You can also use credit to get a Skype phone number or Skype Wi-Fi, which can connect you to over two million hotspots around the world. If you have family in another part of the world, Skype will allow the two of you to keep in touch. You can have the card delivered at any time with a personalized message and design too.

Last-minute presents that are personalized are a great way to let the recipient know that you care. It won’t appear as if you’ve forgotten to give them a gift since it’ll arrive in their inbox for whatever date you set.


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