Top 5 Online Sources for Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Do you want to become a pro in Microsoft Excel, but do not know where to train? Fear not! There is a vibrant online community of Excel Experts who are ready to guide you through advanced Microsoft Excel training. The only trick is knowing where to find them.

There are numerous sites from which you can learn something new about Excel. However, going to the top of the cream is a sure way to equip yourself with the much needed Excel expertise.


Below are the top five online sources for Microsoft Excel training:

  • Mr. Excel Message Boards Mr. Excel is probably the most renowned Excel Help Forum, and has garnered a huge following over the years. You are more than likely to get your direct answers to your questions. Also, reading through past threads of the forum can help you learn a thing or two. To top it all, they have an archive of Excel video tutorials, which allows you to train at your own time and convenience.
  • Microsoft Excel Training Center Microsoft provides free online training modules on its website. These top notch training materials include podcasts, tutorials, guides and videos, leaving you with lots of choices. Once you click into the training platform, you will find resources categorized by Excel ability such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • Jon Peltier’s Site, Being one of the only 90 people bestowed with the Excel MVP title, Jon Peltier probably knows all the corners of the Excel world. Luckily for you, he shares his knowledge generously. His tutorials are considered by many as advanced, making them the best online source for your Excel training.


  • Here you will find a variety of Microsoft Excel classes, which are available in different levels; intermediate, foundation and advanced. There are numerous classes and tutorials from different Excel experts, allowing you to pick the one that will polish your Excel skills best. A small fee is charged for the classes, but it is definitely worth your while.
  • Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) Excel Blog Yet another free service from Microsoft, this MSDN Excel blog allows you to stay at the top of your game by furnishing you with the latest Microsoft Excel news. What better way than to get relevant information from the horse’s mouth!

These online sources for advanced Microsoft Excel training provide you with invaluable tutorials and answers from numerous expert communities. To top it all, these sites are available at your disposal. To broaden your Excel knowledge base, take advantage of these free sources now!

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