Top 5 Warning Signs Of A Slimming Product You Should Watch Out For

It used to be only pharmacies and dieticians that you could turn to if you need to get a slimming product, or if you’d like to lose weight. These days, almost everyone is trying to sell health and beauty products, particularly slimming product, from beauty agents to students.

While it’s good that you’re spoilt for choice, not all slimming products are safe for consumption. Surprisingly many slimming products are being sold here in Malaysia even though it’s illegal and not MoH-approved. A lot of these products carry questionable ingredients that may be harmful to you.

Aside from that, how would you know if a slimming product is safe and effective? Watch out for these five major things; if you spotted them, avoid the slimming product at all cost:


  1. The product sounds unrealistic or exaggerated

If your product sounds too good to be true or promises result in easy and quick ways, you probably shouldn’t be getting it. Slimming your body is a lot of hard work, and it’ll take time before you see results. If the product says, for example, “lose 5kg in one week”, the product makers are probably bluffing. Additionally, if the product says it offers similar effects to slimming products prescribed by dieticians or nutritionists, that’s a red flag.


  1. The product uses too much fluff words like “scientific breakthrough” or “guaranteed”

Hey, the copywriter is just doing his job. But if the product uses too much fluff words and not enough information that are legitimate, that’s a good enough sign that something is up, and not in a good way. A good slimming product should have positive customer testimonials, preferably the ones who are not paid by the company. You can do some research and find out more about a product through customer reviews before you buy one.


  1. The product is marketed in a foreign language

If you have no idea what the product says, you probably shouldn’t pick it up, no matter how much raves you’ve heard from people around you. Also, to be extra safe, it’s best not to buy from street sellers and inexperienced beauty agents. Products marketed in foreign languages may contain harmful ingredients, and most of the time these types of products are illegal and not MoH-approved.


  1. Products marketed through brochures

If you read newspapers (in hardcopy), chances are you’d be annoyed by how many brochures have been slipped inside. A lot of them also happen to be brochures promoting slimming products, and many of them uses fluff words and sounds too good to be true. Not only do they appear to be dodgy, the prices are unreasonably cheap; while promising too many good results in a short time.


  1. The product doesn’t come with a seal of approval

This is the easiest warning sign to spot. If the slimming product doesn’t come with a seal of approval by the health ministry (among other things like license), you know you shouldn’t get it. Also, be aware of the products that are promoted as being herbal alternatives to the MoH-approved prescription drug.


If you’re considering getting a slimming product, make sure that you consult with your registered dietician or a healthcare professional regarding your personal nutrient needs. Also, if you’re feeling skeptical about the anecdotal information from customer reviews regarding how they’d achieved amazing results or benefits by using a product, trust your instincts.

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